Ziplock Flowers

Fun fact: Trevor and I have been dating for a year and nine months and he has never once given me flowers. Not way in the beginning when he openly admitted to trying to impress me, not for our first Valentine's Day, or our second, not for my birthday, or for Mother's Day now that there's a little baby swimming around inside of me (and don't forget our real baby, Pudge), just never.

He even told me at one point way back in the beginning of us dating that he's never given any girl flowers. Now I'm not sure if that's actually true or if he was just trying to make me feel better after not giving me any on Valentine's Day, haha, but that was that and I honestly never expected any ever again.

And it's definitely not like I ever asked for them or need them to feel validated. There have been plenty of other awesome gifts and simple love gestures and I'm just as happy.

I'm also definitely one of those girls that would probably rather have Chinese food and gummy worms delivered to me before a $40 bouquet of flowers that will die in four days ever showed up at my door. So I was 100% fine with knowing that I may never get flowers from him. Not a big deal.

But then he walked in the door last night after leaving golf league and handed me these little beauts.

One little bunch of flowers wrapped up in wet paper towel and housed in a ziplock bag.

He said they were sitting out in vases on all the tables in the club house and they made him think of me, so he asked the manager if he could take just one little bunch home, and that's exactly what he did. 

Then I died and realized I'd rather have a hundred little bunches wrapped up in ziplock bags, given to me for no reason at all, than receive any giant, expensive bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day. And I also wouldn't trade my first flowers for any others. Because me sitting at home on the couch with Pudge, watching Bachelorette in frumpy yoga pants, feeling like a whale and looking like a hot mess with no makeup on, was the best Erin that could have possibly accepted the cutest little packaged up baggy of unexpected little flowers.

Because it's the little things at the most random times that make all the difference in the world. Oh how I love that man.

And that's it for my hormonal sapfest. Happy Humpday, y'all!