Blog Design Launch: Always Made With Love

Classy. Fun. Sophisticated. Those were the three words Lydia gave me when asking for a brand new blog re-design. Her 1st Blogiversary was coming up and she figured there was no better time than now to give herself a pretty little upgrade. And boy did she do just that. Take a look at the journey we took together to launch Always Made With Love's new design.

This inspiration board was one of my favorites to date. I just love how all the neutral colors work with the hot pink accents throughout. Plus I don't think I will ever be over the pink and gold color combination that has taken the world by storm, so that doesn't hurt either. It was super easy to put together since her Pinterest "blog design inspiration" board was full of amazing pins that all cohesively came together without me even needing to put in work.

Hallelujah to effortless design!

Sidenote: if you are interested in a new blog design or are in the process of reaching out to a designer (any! not just me!) it helps immensely to have a Pinterest board filled with everything you like. Fonts, color schemes, specific design details, graphics, etc. Blog designers are usually pretty good at getting inside your head just through quick email chats but if there's an actual space you've created that contains all of the things you want in a design? Oh man, it helps us more than you will ever know to really understand the mood you're going for. This will also then help you since you'll get the best blog design you could ever hope for out of it.

And that was exactly what made it so easy for me when working with Lydia. We went from her Pinterest to the inspo board to the design board below just like that.

And as soon as all of that came together we were off to creating the actual site mockup which ended up looking a little like this:

So what do you guys think? Are you all still loving the gold and pink trend as much as I am? Make sure you check out the live blog here where Lydia also shows a before and after snapshot which I always love.

Oh, and happy FREAKING Friday everyone! This week took way longer than normal, so excuse me while I count down the minutes until happy hour and a date night with Trev. See you back here next week for some more shenanigans.