Current Wish List and Recent Buys

BAG: I've fallen in love with bows and I don't care who knows it. This Burberry leeather crossbody is just the cutest thing, isn't it? I mean it's way more than my bag budget (do people actually have those?) would ever allow but a girl can dream right. I found it while perusing my way around Lyst. I know I've mentioned this site on here before, but if you still haven't heard of this site, you need to go check it out. It's an awesome online retailer that rounds up fashion from designers and stores from all over the world and puts everything in one convenient shopping place. This alone made it so easy for me to see a ton of different bag options, like Burberry's, all in one convenient location.

CHARMS: Is it every new mom's right of passage into motherhood to buy some sort of personalized jewelry item with their baby's name or initials on it? Because you can just call me  Cliche if so. I think I finally found something I love through Nashelle, though. They sell mini charms like these that are just 3/8 of an inch in size which is perfect for me because I love dainty simple pieces. And I love that I could get three different ones and put them all on one necklace without it being overkill. The puppy paw for Pudge, a heart for Trev, and just a circular disc with an initial for baby girl. I mean the puke factor is definitely overkill but that's a whole other story haha.

JEANS: These aren't so much a wishlist item since they're currently on their way to my doorstep right now. They're one of my recent buys and also a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I love the distressed look of them and have googly eyes every time I see another Blogger wearing them on Instagram. Now to get my new pregnancy sized thighs into them after the birth of this baby...

SUNNIES: I don't like wearing too much color but I do love to add it in using accessories. This is the perfect pop of pink!

LEGGINGS: Do you have these leggings? You probably do and I'm just the last person on the planet to finally come to know about their existence. Ever since I added them to my shopping cart I see them everywhere and everyone keeps raving about them saying they're THEE legging to have. I was seriously supposed to order like five pairs of them or something. They're that good, they say. I'll let you know my verdict when they arrive.

EYELET TOP: I die over eyelet anything. It's just so frilly and cute and girly. Plus white is my favorite color to wear so this is screaming at me to buy it.

BOOTS: Probably my most exciting recent purchase I can't wait for these Vince Camuto beauties to arrive. I got the tan color and I'm going to apologize now for wearing them all year long, in every outfit picture I post, from here on out. Plus they were $80 off which is just amazing in itself.

And that does it. Tell me what's on your wish list!