What Happened to Blogging?

I've been blogging for over three years now. THREE. As in the number reserved for amigos and the amount of Dorito tacos I order at Taco Bell. How this is even possible, I do not understand. Where the pages of the calendar fly off and disappear to, I will never know.

But in those three years, a lot has changed around here. 

When I started out, the majority of bloggers went about their daily lives posting things about exactly that, their daily lives. And if they weren't doing that then they were either fashion bloggers posting their own outfits, or one of the "top dog" bloggers that I considered more of a website than a blog.

Like Cupcakes and Cashmere, for example, who focused on content that actually benefited her readers like recipes and how to's and DIY projects instead of just posts about her night spent on the couch with a glass of chardonnay scarfing down Netflix like the rest of us itty bitty lifestyle bloggers.

Don't get me wrong, though, I absolutely loved those itty bitty lifestyle bloggers. Just as much as I loved the big guns like A Beautiful Mess that fed me useful information. 

Getting the chance to insert myself into the lives of random strangers doing every day things, just like I was going, was exciting. And equally as addicting. Blogger was like the TV guide to a hundred different reality shows that I could tune into whenever I wanted. Following along on the little details of each and every one of those blogger's lives made me feel like I "knew" them. Like they were my actual friends.

And in a sense, they were, because I was just as excited for their accomplishments and new beginnings as I was with my real life friends. We celebrated engagements, and new houses, babies, and new business ventures.

It was fun. It was personable. It was easy.

We all just simply showed up, wrote about what happened in our life the previous day, and connected with each other on it.

Maybe it's just because I kind of suck at being a blogger these days and rarely get around to finding new lifestyle bloggers like that to stalk, but I feel like things have shifted way more towards the "I have to provide useful content and tutorials and perfect photography and ways to improve x, y, and z in order to be a relevant blogger that people will want to follow" aspect of blogging. 

And that's all fine and dandy. But we can't all do that. And we shouldn't all have to. Because that gets just as boring as you showing up to your space to tell us you have nothing to tell us.

So let's all keep updating each other with the usual inner-workings of our lives while also throwing in some tips and tricks and good advice here and there, shall we? Or at least just point me in the direction of bloggers you think do a good job at this. Because I really am itching to get back into the game of religiously reading blogs who really just want to tell me about their lives.

Leave your favorite URL's in my comment section so I can go check them out and say hello!