Well Hello There

Oh hey, strangers. Long time no see. I haven't shown face here in almost a month so if you don't remember who I am, I completely understand. I'm still alive and kicking but it sure has been a whirlwind of a past few weeks. And blogging seems to take, not even the back seat, but the whole damn trunk when that happens so my apologies for being overly absent.

Let's move on to a quick and painless weekend recap so that I can get myself back in the swing of things, shall we?

Friday night started off with a trip to the grocery store to round up all the ingredients for frozen margarita making plans later on in the weekend, a stop at Americana Vineyards for a wine slushy (so good!) and live music, and then a pit stop at our local watering hole, Ron Don's, for drinks/darts/pizza. Oh... and one too many drinks and no DD, so a subsequent stroll the mile and a half back to our apartment. Whoops.

Brunch was very much needed upon waking up Saturday morning, so that's exactly what we did. Can't beat good greasy food and a beautiful morning down by the lake. Unless your name is Trevor and your head is pounding and you need to steal your girlfriend's sunglasses in order to even make it through the sunshine...

Nailed it.

After brunch we made our way back home to veg out on the couch and watch a little of the U.S. Open since we had an ongoing bet to attend to. One date night for whoever's player pick finished highest on the leader board. I chose Spieth (my other boyfriend) before the whole thing started and he had McIlroy. I was in the lead but more on that later.

Then it was onto girl's night. 

We took the quick drive over to Watkins Glen to Nickle's Pit BBQ to get, well, barbecue of course. I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area! It's such a cute little spot with a patio and half indoor/half outdoor bar area.

We got loaded chili cheese curly fries, fried pickles, corn bread, pulled pork, ribs, shrimp chowder, mac salad, and the list just goes on and on and on. There were plans to make it to a couple breweries on the way back home but the food comas won by a landslide. 

So instead, we just came back to my place and used up all those ingredients for frozen margs. And that was just about the greatest decision we could have ever made because those things were DEE-vine.

Sidenote: thank you boyfriend for turning 30 a couple weeks ago and using your birthday money to buy a Vitamix, because seriously that thing is a tank and I'm ridiculously excited to make all the things in it. It's so easy and I must know if any of you out there have one and if you have any go-to favorite recipes to make in it!

Back to the margs: tequila, triple sec, ice, sugar, a whole orange, a whole lime, a whole lemon, and boom - you have the freshest frozen marg you could ever dream of making with your own two hands. They were done in about three minutes flat.

Sunday rolled around and I was without a father to spoil since he was on his way back from a camping trip, so I headed over to a family friend's for a cookout and ended up eating entirely way too much chip dip.

Hashtag story of my damn life.

If you ever come across this Heluva Good Beer Battered Onion Ring dip you need to run. Run as fast as you possibly can and do not pass go. You will end up ten pounds heavier and a few ass dimples richer by the end of your journey to the bottom of the container if you don't.

One cat nap later and I was back home waiting for Trevor to get home from work so that I could hand him a frozen margarita since he was just a tad bit jealous of our girl's night extravaganza. He too fell in love with his own blender, decided to throw a concoction of banana, frozen strawberries, peach, and rum in there (it tasted like two parts caribbean vacation and one part heaven) and then we were back out the door for his family's Father's Day dinner at The Boatyard Grill in Ithaca.

The specials were absolutely insane...

The weather was finally beautiful enough for us all to head outside around the fire pit after attempting to fit half a cow (and dessert) into our bellies. So we hung out there for awhile watching a mama duck almost lose her marbles while her seven babies waddled right up to dinner tables quacking for bread.

And then we made our way back home just in time to see that my other boyfriend didn't only finish ahead of Rory, but instead just straight up won the whole darn major. And that now means my real boyfriend owes me a romantical evening. Or I just need to move to Texas and figure out a way to snatch up that Jordan Spieth without the whole world noticing. I'll keep you posted on which happens first.