We Made It!

It's here! Fall is really really here! I'm so proud of my little lady for staying put until she could officially be an autumn baby. Muahaha. She knows the way to her momma's heart already.

But in honor of this new favorite season of mine, I figured I'd throw together a few of my current fashion wants, err, needs for you to feast your eyes on. Because, let's face it, there's no better time for clothes buying than right now.

Plus there seems to be a sale going on just about everywhere I look. Which is bad for my wallet because I want all the things for myself and all the things for baby girl. Like this wool toggle coat and these shearling booties for her. Oh my gosh the cuteness, I can't even handle it. Why do children have to grow so quickly?!

Anyway, back to my picks for adult-sized people...


Surprise surprise with all of the neutrals, I know. But fall kind of screams for them, right? So it's not just me, guys, it's the weather.

That creamy oversized scarf is just about everything my cozy dreams are made of. And it's from Old Navy so you know it's not outrageously overpriced and you can usually always find a 30% off discount somewhere. I also pretty much live in khaki/olive green utility button ups like these. I have at least three hanging in my closet so I'm not sure why I think I need this one as well. I am actually in desperate need of some booties, though. The only ones I have come with a ton of fringe and I was over that trend before I even purchased those babies, so I'm due. Vogue's article about fall's best boots got me all excited about new ones. And I love the wrap-around detailing with the tassels on the ones I have pictured. Tassels are just one of the few trends to appear this fall that I'm loving. Oh and have I mentioned how excited I am to be able to fit into jeans again? Because I'm excited to be able to fit into jeans again....

What are you wanting most this season? And what deals are you taking advantage of?

I'm off to go throw together my thank you gifts for the hospital nurses, clean the house from top to bottom (again), and catch up on both Designated Survivor and This Is Us. I've heard such good things about the latter and I'm so excited to watch. Have a happy first day of fall, y'all!