A "Crumby" Valentine's Day

I know what you're thinking. Valentine's Day was about a week and a half ago. But welcome to my new norm for blogging, and well, life in general lately. I've turned into a certified Grama ever since I got back from the cruise and have quite sufficiently succeeded at adopting the new name of Erin McLazyton.

Sam Hunt's "let's be hombodies" line must've been written for me since all I've done for the past month is never leave my house. Thank goodness Trevor approves and is 100% okay with being my buddy in the island bed snuggle sessions.

But anyway, the Valentine's Day recap.

Winter conveniently decided to finally show up on the one weekend you're supposed to wear the least amount of clothing. I mean go figure. The windchill was -26 degrees so I pulled the "I'm absolutely not going outside in this tundra because it would hurt my face too much" card and we just stayed inside all. weekend. long. It was blissful and exactly the way I wanted it. And since we had just spent money on the cruise (which I also never recapped, jeez) I decided against presents.

Partly to save money but mainly because of that new nickname of mine. And guy presents are just hard.

But I diddd decide to get my ass out of bed as soon as Trev left to go work for a couple hours Sunday morning so that I could make him a homemade red velvet cake. It's his favorite kind and it was the perfect excuse for me to finally use my new Kitchenaid stand mixer that I got for Christmas.

I ended up using this recipe from Pinterest. It was my first time ever making a cake from scratch. My first time making a cake with two layers. My first time making homemade cream cheese frosting. My first time basically for everything. A baker I am not, guys.

Except for maybe I am now because it turned out absolutely perfectly. I mean, I even went so far as to add all those pretty crumbs to the outside. Who am I? I really wouldn't brag about things such as this because I seriously just flail around the kitchen and fake it all while I make it. But I was pretty proud that I actually pulled it off. The only thing I didn't follow in the recipe was the baking flour instead of normal flour part. I didn't even know baking flour was an actual thing. I stuck with the basics and the world kept spinning.

Even though that Valentine of mine showed up about three hours earlier than I had planned so I didn't quite finish it in time to surprise him with it. Oh well, he still said it was delicious and used the words "wow, so moist" at which point I threw up because, moist.

He arrived with an Toy Story V-Day card (he knows me well), Peeps (wrong holiday but they're pink and I love them after they get hard enough so it worked) and two too expensive scratch offs (which were definitely more of a present for him) that we ended up winning a whole zero cents off of.

Then I whipped out my new belgian waffle maker that I bought myself for Christmas and we decked out our waffles and went to brunch town.

We followed all the eating up with even more eating and sat around for the entire rest of the day snuggling, napping, watching tv, and playing with the Pudge ball.

It was the most perfect low-key Valentine's Day and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I vote every Sunday for the rest of life be just as lazy.

And here's to trying to be more proactive about coming here and posting things. Even if it's just the random mundane boringness that my life is at the current moment. I've missed you all and really really really want to try to get back to blogging the basics. What are your favorite posts to read? What would you like to see? Lay it on me!