Two Month Update

I played a little catch up today so check out Rori's one month update first if you haven't seen that!

• She weighs 10 pounds and is finally fitting into 0-3 month clothes
• She moved herself out of the bassinet in our room and into the crib in her nursery on November 20th and has been sleeping through the night ever since. 8-11 hour straight stretches!🙌🏼
• Lights are the absolute most fascinating things to her
• She's no longer throwing up after bottles
• Her parents went on their first date night without her and her mom drank too much wine🙈
• She hates being put in her car seat but passes out as soon as the car starts moving
• The evenings are full of her fussiest moments because all she wants to do is eat
• She has definitely found her smile and seems to be on the verge of laughter

It is absolutely CRAZY to me to see how much she's changed in just a few short weeks! She went from still looking rather fetal in her one month update picture, to actually gaining quite a bit of pudge in her cheeks at two months.

Our biggest advancement this month was obviously the transition to her nursery. I was planning on waiting until three months to do it but it just felt like the right time at 7 weeks. And now that we've been doing it for a couple weeks now, I'm so glad that we did! Quite a few people have asked me how we did it, what our routine is like, and what I do to get her to sleep through the night so I'll probably just do a separate post on it soon.

Rori has been nothing short of amazing and I feel so lucky that I get to be her momma. Motherhood has pretty much been exactly what I expected and I knock on wood every damn day when I tell people how easy of a transition it's been. Because besides her fussy evenings when she's cranky from just wanting to eat every forty minutes, the girl is a piece of cake.

Girlfriend absolutely LOVES bath time. I could leave her in that sink for three hours and she'd probably be fine.

Girlfriend absolutely LOVES bath time. I could leave her in that sink for three hours and she'd probably be fine.

So many people tell you that the first couple months are the most exhausting of your life. That you turn into some sort of walking zombie who has no time to shower, cries from feeling so overwhelmed, never sleeps for more than an hour at a time, and is 100% certain they're doing every single thing wrong on top of it.

But that hasn't been my experience at all and I just want to let all of you pregnant momma's out there know that because society really scares the shit out of you about it.

The hands down worst thing so far is how fast this journey is going. Time is a god damn thief and I've already asked Santa for more of it because I've cried multiple times over how quickly I'm losing my tiny infant. The only thing keeping me together is knowing that they only get more fun as they grow. Oh and that you can have more. I used to watch the Duggar's and be like "Why so many kids. Just..why?" and now I'm like "Holy crap I need like seven hundred babies."

I kid, I kid. But man, are these precious moments fleeting.

How is it even possible to love something so much?!