To Color Or Not To Color

When it comes to fashion, I'm not usually one to wear too much color. I generally stick to my neutrals with a few out of the box colorful days here and there, but for the majority of the time you'll see me in black, white, grey, tan, and navy. They go with everything, they're easy to put together, they're timeless, classic, and simply just cozier in my head. 

The neons and the patterns and all the bright colors on the other side of the spectrum rarely seem to make their way into my closet. It's not like I try to avoid them either, it just kind of happens that way because my inner fashionista really just don't like them.

Which is why I feel like I'm the only chic on this planet that isn't completely pumped about to set up a tent outside the mall for the Lilly for Target collection (although I am absolutely going to need those gold animal wine stoppers!). It's just so busy and there are too many colors in one dress and there isn't an ounce of calmness because it's all just so chaotic and cheerful and bright and happy.

I feel like the Grinch right now, guys.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that dresses this way and doesn't like Lilly Pullitzer? I swear I don't hate happiness.

Come spring and summer things get a little trickier for me in avoiding the bright colors, though. Fall and winter seem to overflow with neutrals but when the birds start chirping, I suddenly feel bombarded with all things neon and patterned. And 95% of the time, I don't want my wardrobe to portray that, so I went on a mission to find some pieces for spring that still fit in my comfort zone.

And to my sweet surprise, I found a ton of great black and tan options that I actually really loved. And I figured I wasn't the only Neutral Nancy out there, so I thought I'd share. Here are my current picks...


1. UGG Cream wedgeAs soon as 70 degree temps arrive, wedges are all I wear when dressing up. Screw normal heels when you can wear wedges and not even feel like you're wearing heels. And I don't normally like anything UGG makes but I adore these.

2. Jessica Simpson black wedgeJessica has always made me swoon over her heels and I'm loving the woven wedge detail of these ones.

3. Black dress: Because every girl needs a sweet LBD in their wardrobe.

4. Beige draped trench: I need this. With a capital N, need this. But then again I need every trench coat in all of America, so whatever. This is perfect for all you office goers, though, and even better to transition into happy hour and dinner after work.

5. Cat eye sunnies: The steal. These are under $15 and so super chic with the rosy lenses.

6. Tory Burch metallic shadesThe splurge. These come in at almost $200 and if you know me well enough you'd know that I never drop more than twenty bucks on a pair of frames, so these are just my lust of the week. But oh how purdy they are... sigh.

7. Marc Fisher black tote: This is faux leather but you'd never know. And that's just the way I like my handbags. Plus it's also on sale for half off the original price and that's the way everyone likes it, right?

8. Aldo IMAAL bag: They're actually calling this "light pink" online but my eyes say "light sandy tan". But let's not make this Dressgate 2 and just go with "get in my closet now". I love everything about Aldo and this is no exception.

Some others that didn't quite make the collage (even though I think I might actually like better than the options above) are these adorable leopard print ankle strap flats which would go great with a pair of ripped skinnies (and are 50% off!), this leather and lace dress which is seriously perfect for a date night, and these flats from Target which should be a staple in every lady's closet this summer.

So if you feel like buying me a really early birthday present, then just pick one of the above items and I'll be your best buddy for all of eternity. I'll send you a BFF necklace from Claire's and everything, promise.

But what do you think? Are you a colorfully patterned queen or neutrally solid lover?