The Halfway Mark: A Bumpdate

I cannot even for the life of me understand how I'm already halfway done with being pregnant. It still doesn't feel real 85% of the time. It seems like I was in the bathroom staring at two pink lines and checking them over fifteen hundred times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me just yesterday.

And now here we are with only 20 weeks to go until we get to meet our daughter. Our daughter. We've both started calling her that and I feel like a ridiculously annoying walking talking cliche because I just can't even. My stomach does summersaults just thinking about it so I won't bore you with my emotions. Instead, I'll give you a little "ohhhh we're halfway there" bumpdate.

Complete with the shittiest mirror selfie of all time. Many apologies.

How far along: 20 weeks. There's a human the size of a banana in that belly. What?!

Gender: A little lady! I think Trevor is finally coming around to the idea that his dead-set boy prediction is actually dead wrong. Although he may still be holding out the tiniest bit of hope that our anatomy ultrasound will miraculously discover boy parts tomorrow haha.

Weight gain: About 10 pounds. I snapchatted about this over the weekend because this is by far the weirdest thing about being pregnant to me. The night we left for the cruise I weighed myself so that I could also weigh myself with my suitcase to make sure it was under 50 pounds. I don't really remember the last time I checked before then because scales are the devil. So I'm not really sure of my exact starting weight since I tend to fluctuate a few pounds either way just about every other two hours. But I weighed 112 that night and I would have been about three/four weeks along then (obviously I had no idea at the time but I now know looking back), so even though I was already technically pregnant I'm going with that as my starting weight. And I'm pretty sure five of those ten pounds have gone to my boobs. Which are the second (and third?) weirdest things about being pregnant to me.

Maternity clothes: Why don't we wear maternity jeans even when we're not pregnant? That's all I have to say. My Chipotle bumps would very much thank me if I did. I have one pair from H&M and I need at least twenty seven more. But those and some tees and tanks from Gap are all I have so far.

Sleep: Doing just fine other than waking up at least twice to pee and blowing my god damn nose all night long.

Best moment this month: Finally announcing it to everyone, even though I really enjoyed having it be just our little secret for those first months, and finding out she's a she!

Worst moment this month: Finding out she's a she and and therefor wanting to buy all the things for her. Oh my poor wallet. Thank heavens for my baby registry so that I can just stuff all the things I want there instead of in my actual online shopping carts. Good lord. The only really asinine thing I have on there is a pair of baby Hunter boots. But come on, do you even know me? She must have them.

Miss anything: Miller Lite's and mimosas.

Movement: No and I'm really sad about it. The tech at my elective ultrasound at 18 weeks told me that I have an anterior placenta so I won't feel her for awhile.

Cravings: I think I've replaced all the blood in my body with lemonade at this point. LOVE lemonade. Watermelon and strawberries. Ice cream. Cheetos. Nothing too weird, though.

Looking forward to: Getting to see her again tomorrow at our 20 week anatomy scan and confirming that she is really a "her". And also Trevor putting the hardwood floors down this week so I can move everything back into the nursery and start decorating. Oh and feeling her for the first time. I feel like it will finally feel like there's an actual human growing inside of me if I can feel her.