The Gender Reveal

If you missed my post last Friday, as well as any and all of my social media channels over the weekend, just head on over here ---> And Then There Were Four.

If you didn't, then you're probably well aware that I'm pregnant by now (it's still so weird saying that out loud). I'm easily going to become one of "those" moms because I probably won't be able to stop talking about it every day for the next five months, but I'm going to try my best not to. I make absolutely no promises, though. No shame over here.

I'll probably get around to answering some of the more usual "holy shit you're pregnant" questions later on in the week but for now we're just talking gender reveal since that happened over the weekend.

I'm 18 weeks (there's at least one question answered for you!) so we figured I was far enough along that we would feel confident in getting an elective ultrasound done to find out. So that's exactly what we did Saturday morning and my heart was, without a doubt, in my throat the entire day waiting to find out the results.

I knew that I didn't want to find out in the actual room with my belly all lubed up staring at an alien on a TV screen, so we had the tech turn off the TV while she looked at the parts so she could write it down.

And there the rest of my life sat, all sealed up in a little envelope waiting to change my whole world. I have absolutely no idea how I didn't peek but I held out and then made our way to Party City to pick up our reveal.

I decided to stick with something simple and chose the confetti filled balloon idea. I loved hearing the big bang and seeing the immediate shock in all of the (10,000) gender reveal videos I had watched of other couples doing it, so that's what we did.

I picked up both pink and blue tissue paper from Hobby Lobby as well as the 24" big round black balloons from Party City.

Then I used my paper cutter to cut about 8 sheets of each separate color into long strips and then used scissors to cut them down further into square inch pieces.

From there, I took one of the balloons and used my super human strength to pry the mouth of the it open (with the help of one of the knobs on my kitchen drawer) and then stuffed a roll of tape inside. Not completely inside the balloon but just in the neck of it where your mouth goes to blow it up. This gave me a big enough opening to be able to get the confetti inside the actual balloon.


Then I took the tape roll out and that was that. I repeated the same process for the boy balloon and brought both balloons, as well as the gender results envelope, to Party City. This is where you trust a stranger more than you ever have in your whole damn life and tell the balloon filler upper guy to fill up the correct one with Helium depending on whether the envelope says boy or girl.

And then you have him bag it a total of four times so that you won't be able to see through it in case it pops on the way home. Thank you mother of all heck that didn't happen to me.

I also made a balloon tail with pink and blue bows tied to it but it kind of just looks completely blue in the video. Whoops. It also weighed the balloon down too much for it to float, so Trevor had to just hold it up. We did keep it tied to a stake with a separate string just in case, though.

This is where I almost peed my pants. And puked. And cried. And whatever other emotion there is out there. And video taped the whole thing so I could watch myself be a weirdo.

Soooo Little Baby Sherman is a...

GIRL!!! I can't even believe it.

Way way way in the beginning I was calling it a "her" and a "she" on accident. And then I had someone do the Ramsay theory on my very first ultrasound and they said boy, so I was all bummed out because I wanted a girl. And ever since then I legitimately didn't have a single ounce of mom intuition whatsoever and couldn't have cared less what it was. I just kept saying that I would care the second time around because I'll want the opposite of what the first is. But I had no care at all since this is our first. 

Trevor, on the other hand, was dead sure it was a boy the entire time. He's not going to Vegas anytime soon... But I was totally clueless. That is until after the ultrasound Saturday morning. As soon as we left the office and got in the car I just knew it was a girl. I saw the little peanut alien all curled up into a little ball with its toes practically in its eye sockets and I knew that it was a she.

So for a total of seven whole whopping hours I had momma'a intuition that we were going to have a daughter. And we are. And I can't even begin to put into words how happy I am.