The Day I Waited Forever For

I finally got my very own puppy!

If there are any of you out there reading this who have been here since the very beginning, you know how unbelievably ecstatic this is for me. The only thing I've ever talked about more on this blog of mine than wanting a puppy is my love for Chipotle. I've pretty much bored you all to the end of eternity with this nonsense for as long as I can remember.

So last Friday was obviously, hands down, one of the best days of my life.

All because of this little fluff ball we call Pudge. Or Pudge Muffin, Pudgesicle, Stinkbomb, Fuzzbutt, Pudgey, you name it, we've called him it.

He was born on December 10th to a litter of only three pups, so he's rather large seeing as he didn't have to do too much milk sharing with a whole slew of brothers and sisters. So that was reason number one for his name being Pudge.

The other comes from one of my all-time favorite Disney Movies, Lilo and Stitch.

If you've seen it, good for you, we can remain friends. If you haven't, please do so now. I'm still working on bribing Trevor into it. It's ben a year and a half and nothing has worked so far. Womp. But anyway, for those of you who haven't seen it (or who have but forget one of the best parts), this is Pudge the Fish.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.33.48 AM.png

And yes he is eating a peanut butter sandwich. Lilo gave it to him because he controls the weather. It makes exactly as much sense as it sounds. But it's pretty much my favorite line of any movie, ever. So my dog is named after Pudge the Fish. Except for he's Pudge the Golden (Fish). See what I did there? Oh man do I crack myself up...

Here's the specific part of the movie in case you have any interest in understanding my crazy.

But if you don't, please just enjoy this overload of puppy pictures instead. We are so very much in love with him already.

Now let's get this work day over with so I can get back to snuggling his little butt off!

P.S. If this wasn't enough cuteness for you, make sure you follow him on his new Instagram account @pudgethegolden. I've also obviously been blowing up my Snapchat with pictures and videos of him too, so check that out @twothirdshazel.