The ABC Game

I've seen this floating around Facebook for the past week or so and figured it would be something fun to do for a blog post since I'm seriously lacking in blog post material these days. Plus I've met quite a few new faces lately and it's always good to do a little "About Me" update once in a while. This way you can actually know a few things about the girl blabbing on to you about the randomness of her life.

A- Age: 26 but we're rapidly approaching 27. Less than three weeks away. I can't believe this was almost an entire year ago! Too bad I won't be doing that (or looking like that) this year...

B- Biggest fear: my mom dying, being trapped under water, and lately, having postpartum depression after little miss is born.

C- Current time: 9:00am aka nanny babe's nap time aka I'm bored writing this.

D- Drink you last had: half hot chocolate/half cappuccino from the gas station machine. 

E- Every day starts with: Pudge waking me up to pee and take his cone off so he can eat breakfast.

F- Favorite song: currently, "It All Started With a Beer" by Frankie Ballard. I love every lyric to this.

G- Ghosts, are they real?: who knows. Casper definitely is.

H- Hometown: Trumansburg, NY - a little town just north of Ithaca.

I- In love with: Trevor Davis, Pudgie Doo, the little lady squirming around in my belly, and the fact that it's been cold enough to not sweat in my yoga pants the past few days.

J- Jealous of: every human on this planet who can drink margaritas right now. I did have a virgin strawberry daiquiri a couple weekends ago though and it was just as good as the regular version!

K- Killed someone?: do people actually reply "yes" to this in a Facebook post?

L- Last time you cried?: last weekend when Trev and I left to go out to dinner and we said bye to Pudge at the door. I haven't been a hormonal crying pregnant chick at all so far, except for that one time apparently. It breaks my heart to leave him home!

M- Middle name: Elizabeth

N- Number of siblings: one little Broski who needs to live closer so that I can see my niece. I miss this little nugget too much!

O- One wish: that airplanes let you fly on them for free.

P- Person you last called: the Chinese takeout place?

Q- Question you're always asked: lately it's been "How are you feeling?" while they look at my bump. To which I always reply "Exactly the same, just sober and fatter."

R- Reason to smile: being able to reply to people with that response. I'm so grateful that I've felt great so far and have had energy to get things done. The very last thing we need to do before baby is fix up the yard and patio, which we started yesterday, hooray!

S- Song last sang: "I need one dance, got a Hennessy in my hand." God damn you, Drake.

T- Time you woke up: 6:00am to let Pudge out, then again for good at 7:00.

U- Underwear color: currently none. Does everyone wear underwear when they wear yoga pants? Because I don't...

V- Vacation destination: I'd really like to go on a babymoon. I mentioned this to Trevor who had absolutely no idea what a babymoon was haha. But Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, San Fran, Austin, New Orleans, and Vegas are all on my list of U.S. cities to visit.

W- Worst habit: eating crap foods and taking those god awful Facebook quizzes. You know, the ones where it's like "Find out what your future child will look like!" Yeah those... I mean I don't ever post my results but I still take them.

X- X-Ray's you've had: teeth, wrist, ankle, and my bladder when I was like four because I kept getting UTI's. The doctors gave me drugs to make me pee and told me I had to go while laying on the X-ray table so they could take pictures of me while I was doing so. Most bizarre and terrifying thing of my life.

Y- Your favorite food: Chipotle, duh. Which I will be getting tonight, thank you.

Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer the crab. "The emotional, caring, unpredictable, nurturer. The sign of motherhood. The hardest sign to understand and get to know. The one that doesn't have great ambitions, because they are happy and content to have a loving family and harmonious home. The closed off shell of an outward appearance, yet a deep and sensitive being within." That's me alright.