Surprise Trip!

See that little lady up there in that ridiculous picture? I surprised her last Thursday morning. If you don't know her, she's my sister. Not my real biological "we share the same blood" type sister, but my real one nonetheless. She used to blog over at Chasing Elephants With Meg but kind of quit along with the majority of the rest of us. 


She lives in Marion, Indiana. I live in New York. And in the spirit of honesty, I've had an absolutely negative 100% desire to ever visit Marion, Indiana. Sorry to all you Hoosiers out there, but your state just simply hasn't been up there on my top list of places to spend $300 on a plane ticket to visit, you know? I prefer the caribbean or big cities. But Meg has been begging me to change my mind ever since she moved there and I've been telling her that it ain't happening until I have to show up at her wedding. Butttt....

SURPRISE! I showed up without her knowing last week.

And when I say she didn't know, she really didn't know. My best friend is the most clueless nut job on the planet, let me tell you. She thought she was picking up her boyfriend, Phil, at the Fort Wayne airport because he was coming home from a work trip in Arizona. But really it was just a ploy to get her to the airport in order to pick me up.

Phil was calling her "from Fort Wayne" saying he had "arrived" all while chilling in his hotel room back in Phoenix. All while Meg is snapchatting me pictures of her and her dog, Dragon, with captions saying "Picking up Daddy at the airport!"

Yeah, not.

So Meghan drives up to the pickup spot expecting to see Phil and then goes ballistic in the highest pitched voice ever saying "What are you doing here?!?!?!" over and over again when she sees me instead. It was magical. I'd show you the video but we both sound like complete donkeys.

I love surprises more than Christmas so I was so ecstatic that it turned out so well. And then the trip turned out even better, so it was an amazing weekend.

Here's a little rundown...

The first thing we did upon arriving back at Meg and Phil's house was Mexican and margaritas. Because, duh. I had been up since 4am and had a bag of airport Cheetoh's for breakfast so that plate piled high with all the good things in this world was heaven.

Then I needed a nap.

Because this girl decided to go out with her boyfriend until 1am the night before she needed to be up at 4am to catch her flight to surprise her best friend. I really am such a genius, guys.

No one in the world can compete with Trevor's snuggling abilities, but that little miss up there named Dragon certainly came in at a close second. I can't even tell you how many snaps I receive in a week from Meg of this dog but now I finally understand. She's the best.

I woke up from my nap just around the time Phil got home (after his real flight landed) with a case of Corona's in hand. 

We chugged down a few beers and then headed over to a ridiculously beautiful golf course/country club with a name only spelling bee champs could pronounce. Meshingomesia Golf & Social Club. See what I mean? I had more beers, met Phil's sister, and then ordered a pork tenderloin for dinner (which apparently is a thing in Indiana?) that was legitimately the size of my entire head.

Friday was a day filled with mani/pedis, an amazing garlic stir-fry lunch, a trip to the grocery store to get cookout supplies, a trip to Phil's new office/factory, more Coronas, a BBQ, chip dip, and an intense game of power hour complete with 90's music. 

It was also a day filled with me taking absolutely zero pictures and that's really boring so let's move on to Saturday, aka the day of Meg's surprise birthday party.

We started out the day by heading to Gas City to have brunch at Payne's.

The desert list filled with different types of custard sundaes was most certainly the best part. Mine had vanilla custard, hot sauce, and chopped up Reese's peanut butter cups and I melted in love faster than my ice cream did. If you're ever anywhere near Gas City, go to Payne's just for this desert.

After breakfast we made our way down to Indianapolis because Meghan had a hair appointment and Phil was having her surprise birthday party at a place there on Mass Ave.

While Meg got all dolled up (for THREE freaking hours) (thank you GOD I've never died my hair) Phil and I planned out how the surprise was going to go down. Over beers, of course. Once Meg was done, we bar hopped a bit before heading over to Mimosa and a Masterpiece, whose name is so literal it hurts, just to "say hi to one of Phil's friends". But really we were walking straight into a room of all Meg's friends and family hiding behind a row of canvases. She was, once again, completely shocked.

By this point in the day I was slightly tipsy. And by tipsy I mean completely drunk. So my "masterpiece" ended up looking like more of a disasterpiece by the end of the night. But since I had no intention of ever hanging it on mine and Trev's walls, I was completely fine in sticking with my "I'm only here for the mimosa part of this" mantra.

We went out for a few more drinks after the art party was over and before we knew it the weekend was over.

We had a quick breakfast in Indy, drove back to Meg's house, vegged out on the couch with our hangovers watching SYTTD, said my goodbyes to Dragon and Phil, and then drove to the airport with Meg to say ours. One of us may or may not have cried two times on the way to Fort Wayne. That someone may or may not be Meg but I'll never tell. It was an absolutely perfect weekend with my sister and I'm oh so glad I finally made my way to Marion, Indiana.