Summer Staples

Summer is my absolute least favorite season to dress for. I like my layers quite a lot but layers aren't at all possible when it's 90 and you feel like you could squeeze a glass of water straight out of the sky it's that humid. I'm actually just one of those humans that complains if the temperature ventures anywhere out of my 40 to 80 degree comfort zone. I cry when the air hurts my face in the dead of winter and I want to shrivel up and die when it's so hot that you sweat just from sitting.

I really just like to put on jeans, flats, a t-shirt, and scarf and call it a day. That's really what it comes down to.

But the summer months are allergic to jeans and instead like to buddy up with those god awful things called shorts. And I despise shorts. De. Spise. They ride up in all the wrong places and show off all the wrong areas.

So I just stick with dresses.

But that's a pretty boring wardrobe to show you since I basically rotate the same ten pieces all summer long, so I decided to show you my staple accessories instead. After putting them together I realized even these are a little boring, though. Fashionista, I am not. Comfort-driven, I am. So my apologies for showing you how to keep it stupidly simple, but go ahead and check out my faves anyway:

Bag: This little number is from H&M (the one of the very few things I miss about NYC since there was one in every neighborhood). It's straw so it's perfect for trips to the pool when you don't want to worry about your nicer material getting all soggy.

Sunglasses: My favorite summer accessory by far. These are from EyeglassDiscounter and are only $10.99! I never buy any shades if they're over twenty bucks since I know I'll either break or lose them, so these are beyond perfect for me. Plus you can get them with prescription lenses too which makes life super easy if you're half blind. Their website offers a ton of other really stylish discount eyeware for super cheap as well, both in regular lenses and sunglasses. Go check them out if you're in need of cheap lady glasses that don't look cheap!

Watch: Confession: my white Michael Kors watch has been broken for an entire year now and I've been too lazy to send it out to get it fixed. But now that it's summer again, it's definitely time. Summer screams white to me.

Earrings: If you know me, you'd know that I generally only wear studs for earrings. If I'm wearing anything dangly or fancy then it's some sort of miracle. And on top of only wearing studs, I'll wear the same pair for a solid four months straight before finally changing them out and basically never wearing them again. Lately, I've been on a diamond kick. They look pretty much exactly like these ones from Angara, only way way way cheaper. Because, hi, I'm broke. But one day I swear I will own a nice classic pair like these ones. Their site also offers a HUGE selection of all different types of jewelry made with almost every gemstone imaginable. If my birthdate gemstone wasn't red, I'd definitely be a fan of owning an entire collection of pieces made with my month's stone. But if you have a cool one, like August's Peridot, then go check this site out and feast your eyes on a buffet of delightful accessories.

Necklace: I received this as a Christmas present from my boyfriend's brother last year and I instantly fell in love. I have seriously always been obsessed with Dogeared jewelry. Small, simple, and dainty pieces that all have an awesome personal meaning behind them - what's better than that?!

Clutch: I've been attached to my clutches these past couple months. Especially on quick trips to dinner or out for drinks when you don't need to carry the whole kitchen sink with you because, let's face it, you really only need your ID and a credit card to order yourself a beer. Plus nude is ridiculously versatile for quick wardrobe changes from pool wear to dinner wear so this Aldo one is great.

Brow Pencil: Okay, this isn't really an accessory but you NEED to have it anyway. I waltzed into the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta one day and basically threw my hands up in the air and said "fix me" and boy did they ever. The trick was this little stick of magic. The pencil tip is so thin and the product is the opposite of cakey so it has been a lifesaver for me and my barely there eyebrows.

Sandals: I just bought these last month at DSW and fell in love. They're super simple and easy yet they still make it look like you took more than 2.5 seconds to throw an outfit on. And that's basically my entire goal in dressing myself, so win win.

But tell me, what are your favorite summer accessories?!

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