Scarves and Boots and Pregnancy Weight, Oh My!


We're entering our 39th week over here and I think I finally feel like I'm completely ready for her to make an appearance. Except for I'd selfishly like her to wait until at least Thursday so she can be a fall baby. How ridiculous is that, guys?

But I really am serious when I say that fall is my most favorite season. Cool breezy weather that makes you need to throw on a scarf and pair of boots to stay warm makes me just as happy as all those sun worshipers feel ripping off layers in the new springtime sun.

Fall means hunkering down inside and getting cozy with blankets on the couch instead of everyone running around in different directions every weekend at BBQ's and parties. It means not sweating your booty off just from simply standing outside. It means crockpot meals. Actually just meals in general since all I want to eat in the summer is cold fruity things. It means all my favorite TV shows finally come back. Hey Scandal. It means football and layered outfits. It means THE HOLIDAYS ARE ON THE WAY! And most importantly, this year, it means we're having a baby.

So sue me when I say that I really just want her to be an "official" fall baby. Three more days, chick, three more days.

But speaking of scarves and boots and fall outfits, I'm kind of obsessed with the ones I'm wearing in these photos. I collaborated with Octer which is a unique marketplace of the biggest US stores, where you can shop departments or store by store. They really make it easy by combining all the greatest pieces in one place.

Like my olive jacquard scarf and Vince Camuto over the knee boots. I got both during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and finally got around to wearing them now that the temps have dropped a bit around here. I still have two pairs of jeans from the sale that I can't wait to wear but that won't happen until after this little lady pops out and I lose some baby weight.

Oh and that baby weight? Yeah about that. It's definitely something I could pay entirely way too much attention to if I let myself go there. But I don't. I reallyyy have to reign my mind in and force myself not to focus on it since I know it's all necessary in growing a healthy little munchkin. But man, it's such an odd thing to experience.

I've gained 35 pounds.

Which is basically almost a third of my entire pre-pregnant body weight.

I remember snapchatting way back in the beginning about how crazy it was for me to hit the 120 pound mark on the scale since I had never seen that number in my life. And now that I'm inching closer and closer to the 150 mark, I laugh at myself.

My midwife tells me at every appointment "You were actually underweight for your height when you first came here, so everything you've gained is absolutely normal for you." And I just keep holding onto that statement. As well as the fact that I pretty much ate whatever I wanted for the majority of the last nine months and didn't work out at all, so it's not like I did much to keep my thighs in check haha.

But man, looking at myself in pictures these days is not my favorite thing to do. I look at myself and see a completely different person. Everything is just so swollen and pudgy!

Let's just say that I will be more than ready to get back to my pre-pregnant body once she arrives and I get the go ahead to start exercising. That saying that goes something like "I wish I were as fat now as I was the first time I thought I was fat." is oh so true.

If any momma's out there have anything they suggest, please send your ideas my way. I'm thinking something along the lines of DVD workouts or Tone It Up online videos or something that I go do in my living room while the baby naps. But I'm open to anything so let me know what's worked for you!