The "Holy Crap You're Pregnant?" Questions

When are you due: September 28th is the official date but I've been measuring three days ahead of schedule. So right now I'm 18.5 weeks. I'm secretly hoping deep down that we get an October baby, just because the beginning of October marks the start of my favorite time of the year. Hooray for having a tiny little nugget for all the festive holidays! But obviously I just want her to come whenever is best and healthiest. Plus, I'll probably be cursing myself come the 40 week mark for ever wanting to go even an hour past my due date.

How did you hide it for so long: By ordering my usual Miller Lite bottle, taking it to the bathroom with me, dumping it down the drain, rinsing it out, and filling it back up with water. Class act right here, ladies and gentlemen. But it worked like a charm and no one had a clue! I also pulled quite a few "I'm the DD" responses to not drinking which worked like a charm. Especially on that wine tour a few weeks ago. I'm just glad I didn't find out before the cruise or that would've been a whole other ballgame of crazy.

Did you having morning sickness: No! I'm horrendously annoying when I'm sick because I rarely ever actually do get sick (pushing six years now without having anything other than the occasional cold) (knock on all the wood) so I'm so thankful that I never threw up or felt nauseous all the time. The only time I ever did was when I hadn't eaten something in like three or four hours. But as soon as I ate I would be fine again. There were a few times I would feel like crap, though. Like exactly how I would feel when I was hungover except for there was obviously no alcoholic drinks to get me there. Worst. Ever.

Have you started showing: Just in the past week or so. I was extremely bloated in the beginning. I even said to Meghan on the cruise that I felt the most bloated I had ever been in my whole life. Bikinis were so fun... But after the first several weeks, that went away and I just looked fluffier around the edges instead of having a real bump. I'm still not the point where strangers definitely know I'm carrying a kid around instead of an extra-large burrito bowl, but hopefully soon!

What are you craving/having aversions to: I love anything cold and fruity and hated anything hot and homemade for the longest time. Poor Trevor was without some good hearty meals for quite awhile. Strawberries, watermelon, sooo much lemonade, ice cream, gummy things, Cheetos. I walked into my parents' house to my mom cooking lasagna once and wanted to die. Same with another family friend cooking her homemade red sauce. So marinara is not my friend. Other than that, nothing crazy.

How excited are you: insanely. This definitely isn't the order I pictured all of this happening and I was a little upset (okay a lot upset) about my traditional timeline not panning out how I had always imagined, but now that it has all settled in, it's the best thing ever. Welcome to 2016 and our new normal.

How's Trevor: Amazing. I try not to put too many of his thoughts out for the world since this isn't his blog and he has nothing to do with the online world I've created, but he's been better than I ever could have hoped for. From carrying me to bed when I'd fall asleep at 7pm during my exhausting first trimester, to stopping at A&W so I could get a root beer float without even having to ask him to, to bringing home one specific order of french fries when that's all I wanted for dinner, to melting my damn heart watching him hold my baby niece; he's been amazing. And he's going to be the best dad ever. Even if he was a little bummed that she's a she and not a he :)

And you still got a dog?!: Haha yes. I've gotten this a couple times. I planned on getting Pudge before I got pregnant and a baby certainly wasn't going to stop that. Do you even know how much I've wanted a puppy?! I've had two or more dogs my entire life so having one of my own wasn't anything I was terrified of. If anything, he was just good practice for the baby. And he's honestly been the easiest puppy ever and training him with Trevor has been a piece of cake. I now joke about how we wasted our good behaved baby on the puppy and now we're going to get stuck with a terror for a child. Time will tell, right?

I think that just about covers the majority of the questions I've been getting the most. I'm so excited to be able to document this journey so that I'll have something to look back on when I'm bawling my eyes out sending Little Miss to her first day of school. Oh and thank you all for being the sweetest with all of your well wishes and congratulations, you are all the best!