The Ten People I'd Like to Give Paper Cuts To
A list of all those people that drive you nuts
that you wish you'd never see again.

My take on one of the "off limits" topics in Blogland.
The one where I get a little personal about my religious views.

Each and every one of us have good traits 
but we all have some pretty bad ones too - here's my owning mine.

You would know all of the things in the post.
But since you don't you just might wanna click the link.

The one thing I never saw coming when I started blogging
is now the one thing I can't imagine ever having lived without.

If you don't have a sense of humor and/or you're not a girl then you probably shouldn't click this one.
If you aren't stuck up and like to laugh at yourself then by all means click away. 

Haters Gonna Hate
What happens when an anonymous commenter spreads lies all over your blog
and how to answer them in the classiest way possible.

If the better part of your kid years were spent in the 90's
then you'll be all over this post.
Unless your parents didn't let you watch TV...
and if that's the case then I just feel really, really bad for you.

The amazing, the boring, and the annoying about my tiny little
no-stoplight hometown in Upstate New York.

I could spend hours upon hours making collages.
These are just a few that have made it onto the blog via Polyvore.