Merry Monday: Peppermint Mocha

Welcome back to Merry Monday! Where we pretend to live in Whoville and don't care that Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet. Today we're talking t-shirts, and by t-shirts I mean Christmas themed t-shirts, obviously. Let's take a look, shall we?

If you know me at all, you'd know that I don't like coffee. Give me a cup filled halfway up with hot chocolate and the rest of the way with gas station cappuccino (definitely not the real kind) and you'll have my heart in a to-go cup. But absolutely no coffee or Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes or any of that nonsense. Add that weirdness to me also not liking bread or anything doughy (cough pizza) and we'll just have to officially confirm that I'm an alien. I'm totally fine with it. 

But even with all of that dislike, I just couldn't resist this absolutely adorable shirt from Ashley's Etsy shop, From Ash With Love. It's just so festive and fun and sparkly, so why shouldn't this Christmas obsessed chick not get to wear it?

The cutest thing about her shop, thought, is that she makes all of her designs fit any size shirt. Seriously, any. There are tees for toddlers, youth, and adults - plus she even makes all of her designs for onesies! So cute right?! I know a couple babies who would like extra scrumptious in these little numbers.

Do you see the Elf pyramid of his four main food groups?! That's the other one I scooped up and I plan on snuggling in it while watching the movie as soon as ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas starts in a week.

There are also more than just holiday shirts hanging out in her shop. There's some cheetah print, a glittery football, hearts, a bulldog and even a few to bring in the New Year. Plus you can customize any of them by changing the colors, as well as decide on having glitter or not. For instance, I got the Elf one in white with a glittery red pyramid. Ashley has made the possibilities endless. So head on over to her shop and order yourself some festive fun!