Merry Monday: My Christmas Decor

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, my fellow Whovillians. There are holiday movies on my TV guide, flannel snowflake sheets trying to nosedive into my cart at Target, Mariah Carey telling me she wants me for Christmas, and the worst pass-off for a Santa I've ever seen posted up in a big red chair at my mall's food court. So with all of that already happening, I figured it was about time to bring back some holiday themed posts to this here blog. A) because they're my most favoritest things ever, duh, and B) because I obviously have nothing else to blog about. 

And thus, I give you "Merry Mondays". Why I chose Mondays (aka the worst days of the week) this year instead of "Festive Fridays", I will never know. Maybe so that I'll actually have a reason to get my ass motivated and in front of this laptop? Sure, we'll go with that.

For my first Merry Monday, we're going to talk Christmas decor. Because with only 38 days left until Santa shimmy's his way down my chimney, I'm already feeling depressed about all of the cheerfulness having to be taken back down again. So I'm trying my darn hardest to have all of the coziness out for as long as I possibly can. Why do Thanksgiving and Christmas have to be so close together?! It's a damn travesty, I tell ya. 

But anyway, without further adieu, I give you my holiday decor. All of it except for the tree, of course. Because that's the only thing I haven't given in to breaking about my "No Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule. That baby's going to have to wait.

Anddd I'm obsessed. I've been contemplating how I can try to convince Trevor to let me leave all of it out until at least Easter. Maybe even Memorial Day. It shouldn't be too hard though, since his response to me texting him Saturday asking how much he'd judge me for putting it all out was "I'd love it!" I think I'll keep him, guys. I really really think I'll keep him.

Now I'm just excited for ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas to start so I can cozy up and watch The Grinch in the holiday wonderland I created. A big Vicky Gunvalson "WOOHOO" for the happiest time of the year!