5 Gift Ideas For Making Memories

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marriott.com for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Halloween is officially over. Duh, it has been for five days now. But anyway, the official end of Halloween apparently coincides with the official beginning of Christmas these days. I'm not sure if it's a generational thing that has caused society to completely skip over both a major holiday and some umpteen amount of calendar days, but we seem to have done it regardless.

I've always been a "Decorate for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over" type of girl, but seeing as I am the resident Queen of Christmas (Ashley bestowed me with that insanely flattering title and I'd like to play it out for as long as I possibly can) I don't totally hate this new trend. Because I could never be a Grinch about cozy decor cluttering the aisles, or Christmas movies playing on repeat, or twinkly lights going up around the neighborhood. I mean, if I could pick any place in this world to live it'd be in Whoville after all..

But with this early Christmas spirit comes the early onset stress that develops from the need to buy presents. Aka the worst part of my favorite holiday. It's just so hard and I'm just so bad at it, guys. Don't even get me started on what the heck I'm going to buy the boyfriend this year. I'll need an entire factory of stress balls to get me through that nonsense soon. But I figured I'd at least try to get ahead of the game by coming up with a few gift suggestions for couples. Maybe I can help out some other damsel in distress?

Except for these aren't your usual "messenger bag, flask, cologne, beer making kit" type of dude gifts. These are more for making adventure and new experiences together. Because they say that happiness comes from making memories, not from owning materialistic things. So you can use these ideas for your own relationship or to give to another couple you have on your "To Buy For" list. Or do neither, I'll be totally fine with it.

1. Snuggle Session

What in the world is a snuggle session, you ask? Well it's basically a chunk of time carved out of your busy schedules to just simply snuggle. Hellelujah, I just got happy thinking about it. And in order to give one of these to someone as a gift, you'll basically just need all the ingredients to set the perfect scene for said snuggling. Grab a basket, stuff it with a fluffy blanket, a delicious smelling candle, a couple movies, and something for the two of you to drink and you're golden.

And of course if you're doing this as a Christmas gift you can obviously make it holiday themed like I did. I scooped all of this up at Target yesterday and it gave me all the happies in the whole wide world. Because that right there is the coziest bucket of Christmas goodness I ever did see.

2. Tickets

This one is pretty straightforward, but I had to add in a bit of non-Erin-is-crazy to keep you with me. Plus, buying tickets for you and your man (or friend or family member or whatever) is one of the easiest gifts to give that will surely bring some new memories with it.

It can be tickets to anything. A concert, a sporting event, an amusement park, a Broadway show, etc. Make a trip out of it and just get out of the house to do something different than the norm. You won't have anything to hold on to at the end of it, but you certainly will have a great time to store away in your memory bank.

3. Picture Book

Purchase a gift card for a photo book ahead of time before you even have the photos to fill it with. This way it will force you and your man, or another couple, to have to take pictures. Because when we don't have an actual need to snap that selfie of us picking apples, we sometimes get caught up in the moment and never do it. And that's all good and dandy until a year passes by and you wish you had a place to go back and look through all of the fun times you've had together.

P.S. I just checked out Shutterfly's site and you can save up to 40% on Photobooks right now. And they totally didn't even pay me to tell you that.

4. 12 Months of Adventure

This gift could be done in a few different ways but the gist of it is to come up with twelve pre-planned dates, one for each month of the year. Ice skating in January, booking a hotel for Valentine's Day in February, hosting a pool party in July, going to the pumpkin patch in October, cutting down a Christmas tree in December, etc. You could put them all in different folders with the months on the front or you could put each of them on a different page of an adventure book like from the movie UP!

There's a great example here of different date ideas that are done in folders. You could tie them all up together with a pretty bow and give that as your gift. Or you could make/buy an adventure book (the one above can be found here) and put each date on a different page with places to add in photos from the dates. The possibilities are endless but this one is a perfect for giving yourself an actual agenda to go out and do things aside from the same date ideas you always do.

5. A Getaway

This is obviously the most expensive option available but also the most exciting. Because what better way is there to experience a new adventure than to travel? I currently have my heart set on doing a snow bunny trip to a ski resort. Do I ski? No. But, for some reason, I've just always wanted to go hang out in a lodge and drink spiked hot chocolate next to the fireplace. Call me crazy, I'll agree with you.

The photo above is exactly what my head keeps picturing. It's the Marriott Resorts in Vail and I think it's calling my name. It'd be even better after the holidays, too, to de-stress from all the family craziness we endure over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Their array of spa options are heaven sent for all of that. Obviously you could also pick a much warmer place than Vail if you want to soak of some much needed sun after we get into the nitty gritty of winter. Just go to Marriot.com to pick your package from a bunch of different city options.

And that wraps up a post full of date ideas and/or Christmas gift options for couples. I think it justtt might have helped me come up with something other than a watch to give Trevor in a couple months. Then again, maybe not. Cheers to holiday gift giving stress!