Sex Dolls, Yankees Tees, and Wineries

The only problem with having really amazing weekends is that they always have to end. Mondays are hell any way you look at them, but they're especially hell after you had a great Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Like I said last Thursday, Trev's college roommate and his girlfriend were coming up from the city to spend the weekend with him. They got into Ithaca right before lunch so we headed to The Ithaca Ale House to grab a bite to eat before heading to Ithaca Beer Co for a couple beers. I highly suggest both options if you're ever in the area and in the market for good food (try the buffalo chicken wing dip) and beer (get the apricot wheat).

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we got to sit out back on their really pretty patio area and talk about all things college, since all four of us went to Oneonta State. The weird thing is that neither of us couples hung out together as couples when we were actually there. It wasn't until years later that both of us ended up dating fellow alumni. It's funny the way the world works sometimes.

After lunch and beers we headed back to our hometown to shoot guns. No really, that's exactly what we did. Well, the boys did anyway. Trev's friend, Brian, had never shot one before and he wanted to cross it off his bucket list. So Trev got his shotgun out, nailed a homemade paper plate bulls eye across the pond, and showed him the ropes while his girlfriend and I stood nearby plugging our ears and half freaking out that someone would lose a limb.

It was a pretty cute best friend bro moment, for sure. Plus there's just something about guys and guns, am I right?

Later on that night we all headed to Little Venice in our hometown for my Dad's 50th birthday party. There were about a million and a half people there for dinner and then it was on to the bar for way too many shots, a couple gag gifts (insert naked blowup doll lady), quite a few dance moves, and a bit of a hangover for half of the party goers the next morning.

Oh and we can't forget part of the photo shoot that took place between me and Trevor, who lost a bet to me way back in September when the Red Sox lost a series to the Yankees. Side note: how I actually allowed myself to date a Boston fan, I will never know. Side note 2: how I actually get into his Jeep that proudly displays a Red Sox decal on the back blows my damn mind. But anyway, the bet was that he had to buy a Yankees shirt of my choosing and wear it out to the bar if the Yankees won, and me buy a Sox shirt if they won.

The Yankees won, so I won. And I obviously needed to document my win, but in typical boy fashion, he tried to sabotage the whole thing by being goofy and making me die of laughter in every single picture. Thanks babe...

That last one is about 25% of the way there, maybe? Seriousness is not a virtue we possess, apparently.

Saturday's festivities rolled around pretty quickly the next morning and we were off to wine tour around Seneca Lake. Another thing Trevor's friend had never done and needed to check off that list of his. I wasn't really complaining.

For anyone familiar with the Finger Lakes area, this was our mini tour schedule: we started out at the hippy fest that is Rasta Ranch Vineyards, filled with Woodstock memorabilia, home to two port-a-potties for bathrooms, and even one classy gentleman that asked me if I'd like to come into one of them with him. How unfortunate that this was our first stop and I hadn't drank much wine yet or I totally would have taken him up on that offer. Oy vey. Then we stopped at Big Johnson's Tavern which is the complete opposite of a hippie fest in that it's a hick fest. I mean, there wasn't just a taxidermy deer head on the wall; there was an entire taxidermy deer standing in there. It's also not a winery but a hole in the wall dive bar. So a round of PBR later and I was ready for a real winery with real wine glasses and real scenery. And that brought us to Atwater, which has easily become my most favorite because the wine is great and the views are impeccable.

See what I mean? Thus the reason we I needed to indulge in yet another round of photos, because, hello the view, and because, hello, I'm trying to be a better blogger over here.

And there we go being so serious again.

Afterwards, we walked over to Two Goats brew pub which is right next door because we couldn't seem to make up our minds on whether we wanted to house wine or beer for the day. A little bit of both, plus a wine slushy at our last stop, Hazlett's, and then on to two more bars after that for the remainder of the evening, were all the reasons for hangover number two of the weekend. But hey, we definitely planned for a weekend of too much alcohol, so all in all, I think it was quite the success story.

Sunday was spent lounging around watching football, eating Vietnamese in downtown Ithaca, bringing Brian and his girlfriend back to their bus, and then snuggling up and watching SIX HOURS of Game of Thrones together. I told you we were obsessed… And that brings us back to the real world of work and detoxing and more Game of Thrones, because I need to know what happens in all seventeen hundred of those story lines.

Cheers to a great rest of the week, hopefully finding the motivation to study for my midterm that is tomorrow, and maybe actually getting my Halloween costume together before Friday rolls around.