Random Bullet Points of Nothingness

This blog of mine used to center around all the random things floating around in my head. I think there's even some tagline that reads "The random ramblings of a twenty something New Yorker making her way through life." hogging up the Internet space somewhere. 

P.S. seriously Erin? Just gag me. 

But anyway, back in the day (I'm so old, I know) I used to just sit my ass down in front of this laptop and pour every darn thought from these fingers, whether it made logical sense and was coherent or not.  I miss the days where bullet points were my friend and lists were fun, so that's what we're going to do today. Enjoy the ride because I don't even know where I'm going with this...

+ 63 days until Christmas. That is all.

+ With my car purchase over the weekend, I also scored an "unlimited car washes for life" deal. Thanks Maguire Nissan in Ithaca, you guys rock the jingle bells right off of Lindsay Lohan's socks. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about this amazing fact or for the actual car itself.

+ There isn't anything gummy in my house and I'm slowly dying inside.

+ I broke down and ended up buying the gold lanterns from Target's white and gold Threshold collection. I knew I shouldn't have ever stepped foot down that damn aisle. So much for that pesky little thing called willpower...

+ Oh and then I came straight home and put them in Trev's apartment, along with some pumpkins and other fall decor and he got all confused and asked me if they were decorations "for always" or just decorations for fall. Men…

+ Oh and then I told him to get used to it because as soon as Christmas comes along it's going to look like Santa ate the entirety of the North Pole and then threw up all over his place. As long as you prepare them in advance then you're not crazy right? Right. Let's just say I lucked out since he's already gone so far as to ask me if I want colored or white lights for the tree. And that's what I'd call a gift from the gods, my friends. Check please.

+ On the holiday front, I'm 95% sure I have my Halloween costume figured out. I'm also 95% sure that I have absolutely nothing purchased in order to make said Halloween costume actually come to life. The struggle is really real when procrastination enters the game.

+ Bethenny Frankel made my life with her announcement the other day.

+ And then Blake Lively ruined my whole mood right after. I'm never getting pregnant. #shitjustaintfair

+ Tomorrow is Thursday, aka #TGIT, aka Shondaland day, aka the only day I don't pout that my boyfriend has to work late on some days, aka Erin is so happy and entranced in a bingefest of television to even care about the rest of the world. PSA: if you don't watch Scandal you need to 'X' out of this website so you an open up Netflix right freaking now. That's an order Gladiator.

+ Speaking of binge watching television, I started Game of Thrones. Because everyone I know and then some has told me how great of a show it is and also because Trev hasn't seen any of it and wanted to start the seasons too. And who am I to turn down 40 hours of guaranteed snuggling? Plus, I have my very own personal eye coverer when all the sad and/or gory parts happen (thanks babe). LIKE WHEN AN ENTIRE HORSE'S HEAD GOT SLICED OFF IN ONE PIECE. What in the actual hell, guys, what in the actual hell… I think I cried.

+ I really miss my nanny babe and I'm so stinkin' glad that I took so many videos of him over the two years that I had him because they sure have been getting their fair share of airtime lately.

+ I need this blanket like I need the world to rain puppies. I clicked on the link on Pinterest but it just took me to some foreign site and my head started to spin. Someone out there make this for me. Please. I'll go to Hogwarts and learn how to make the world rain puppies myself if it meant that I could have this.

And I think that's all the randomness I have for the day. I hope I didn't lose you along the way. Happy Humpday, bitches.

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