Five For Friday

It's Friday and it's Halloween, so we're going to make this one real quick because this girl still has quite a few errands to run and a costume to put together. Five for Friday, let's do it.

1. Target has Christmas decor out. I repeat, my favorite store has my favorite holiday's decor out. Cue the need for restraints, once again, so that I don't go spend my entire life's fortune in that one damn aisle. First it was the white and gold collection I kept blabbing on about and now it's this Farmhouse Collection because I want the red plaid sherpa blanket and the vintage looking scooter pillow like no other. 

2. I'm loving learning. This past week in my graphic design class, we used InDesign for the first time and I fell madly in love. It's pretty much the end all be all for creating collages like I'm obsessed with doing. And that was exactly what our in-class assignment was this week, so naturally I OD'ed on happiness. We were supposed to pick a single word and then create a mood board/collage of color samples and photos that demonstrated that word. I could pretty much do that all damn day long, especially now that I've learned how to do it rapid-fire style with this Adobe program. Because up until now I've been using Microsoft Paint to do it. Let us all bow our heads in shame for a second, I know. But, see, that's exactly why I'm going back to school. To be a big kid and learn real technology. 

Anyway, I chose the word "Natural" and this was my board:

My professor gave me great compliments on my "eye for design" and a fellow student even said it looked "professional, like a Target add would look". Say what?! Wouldn't that be my dream job, designing layouts of products from my favorite store. But let's just say that it was a great critique session and I was loving class that day. Mark a win down in my book.

3. You need to make these. I put it on Instagram, but if you don't stalk me there I figured I'd put it here because it's just that good and simple. Apple slices, caramel drizzled on top, and then chopped up Snickers sprinkled all over. Nom fest at its finest. Last year I spread peanut butter on the apples instead of caramel and it was also just as good. Whatever toppings you use, just do it, so that way I won't feel as bad about stuffing my face with a 500+ calorie "snack".

4. Halloween is hard. I've been to a Halloween store and Party City twice now. All I've walked out with was a children's bunny set complete with ears and a fluffy tail. And yes I did say "children's". Because yesterday while I was working, a gas and electric guy came to the door and asked me if my parent's were home upon me answering it. I continued to say no, I'm the nanny and he was like "oh damn, I'm sorry, I thought you were like twelve." Mark a fail down in my book for that one.

5. I added a couple new prints to the Etsy shop. It's nothing much, yet, but it's at least something new. The pink and gold party that threw up everywhere has all been wiped up and we're currently looking at some classically black and white simple designs. There's a lot more swirling around in my head and in my draft folder (Even some Christmas themed ones!) but I couldn't bare looking at all those old designs anymore, so I decided to at least put the few that are done up. Go check them out!

And that's just about all I've got going on today. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween. Double double toil and trouble!

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