Fall Wishlist

1. Hat - Now that I'm back living in Upstate New York, I'm a little nervous for the impending winter months coming my way. Any winter is bad when you live in this state, but Upstate snow is a whole heck of a lot worse than New York City snow. So that means it's time for me to bundle up like a bug in a rug and this Nordic faux fur ear-flapped hat from Fjall Raven would be absolutely perfect for the job. I mean how cute right?! Plus, they also have a whole bunch of high quality, durable, and really warm winter jackets that I might just have to hit the purchase button on as well. Because, let's face it, my H&M peacoat just isn't going to cut it.

2. Pumpkins - This damn Threshold white and gold fall decor collection from Target. It's just not fair, guys. I mean, how can they even do this to me? I want every single darn thing and I think they might've made it specifically for my soul. I think my middle name should actually just be Threshold at this point. That is until we're back to the holiday season and then it needs to be "Holiday" again. Buy anyway, I've seriously been in Target five times since the collection came out and I've forced myself to not walk by it each time just because I know I'd buy the entire damn aisle. Oy vey, somebody stick me in a straight jacket.

3. Wooden Box - Ever since I found out H&M had a home collection I fell in love. And hard. Everything is so rustic and worn looking, yet still totally adorable and I just seem to really enjoy it. Plus we all know how much I love my storage containers for clutter, so this box is pretty much perfect.

4. Checked Throw - Grey and white and cozy and nice. That just about sums up my style, so obviously I need this throw. This style of large checks also reminds me of something that should be sitting on a comfy big red couch in a winter cabin during Christmastime with two mugs of hot chocolate waiting patiently for a snuggle sesh to ensue. And we all know know much of my heart is filled with all things snuggly and Christmastime, so duh, it's on the damn list people. P.S. 51 more days until I can officially start decorating and watching The Grinch. Bring it on!

5. Plaid Flannel - Here we go again with the grey and white thing again. I guess we know I wasn't lying. But I love my flannels and the ones at Old Navy right now like this one are perfect (and cheap!) so you should totally go scoop up one or five like I did this past week.

6. Lantern - This guy is also part of that Target collection we're trying to force out of our heads even though it seems to just sneak right back in. I really want to stick this on the floor by a fireplace and fill it with all those white pumpkins from #2 up there. But guess who doesn't have a fireplace to do just that? This girl. So someone live out my dream and send me a picture gosh darn it.

7. Combat Boots - My friend Meghan came home a couple weeks ago wearing these and I fell in love with them on her. The only problem is that I'm not a "combat boot kind of girl" so I'm also not really sure how I'd go about wearing them. Skinnies and leggings I guess? Who knows. Obviously my time spent getting a fashion degree didn't really pan out too well. But if anyone else is looking for a really cute pair, they're from Kohl's and they're on sale right now!