A(nother) Countdown of Sorts

My name is Erin and I'm here to admit that blogging is hard for me. I also admit that I think I've started every single post these last couple months with some sort of line saying "Wow, I really suck at this now, what in the hell went wrong?" But that's okay because it's just the gosh darn truth. You know how there's that bell curve for fashion trends that starts out a little slow and then shoots straight up, all to level out for a little while and then come crashing down some umpteen amount of days later? Well that's exactly what happened with this little space of the interwebs I call Two Thirds Hazel. 

It's been obvious to me for quite awhile now. My nannying job ending, me moving out of Manhattan, traveling all summer, a heartbreaking break up, my brother's engagement/wedding, the excitement and business of summertime in general, and then a new and unexpected relationship that has gladly soaked up every waking minute of my free time are all players in this chess gamed called "The Demise of Erin's Blog". 

Ron Wesley would seriously be kicking my ass if this was The Chamber of Secrets.

But it wasn't really until Danielle (who's a no-reply commenter (side note: pretty please, I beg of you, stop being a no-reply commenter if you are one) so I couldn't find her anywhere online) commented on my post yesterday saying "For starters, hi I'm Danielle and you're me new second favorite blogger so don't disappear for weeks again please! I enjoy your rambling." I obviously ignored the part where she said "second favorite blogger" because, what the heck girllll, and went straight for the "don't disappear for weeks again" bit. That obviously doesn't mean much to any of you but it certainly does for me because A) It's pretty exciting to feel that kind of love and B) Because I know I'd be a little lost if my favorite bloggers suddenly called it quits and didn't allow me to stalk their lives anymore.

It's an insanely strange community us bloggers and blog readers build together in this way. There are quite a few negatives that get dished out on to the table with it, but for the most part, the end result of things around here is pretty awesome. 

So, the moral of this ridiculously long intro that was honestly supposed to be an intro until it basically ended up being an entire post, is that I'm going to sincerely try to not disappear for weeks again. I've said it before, I know, but I'm saying it again. Now someone just hold me to it. Oh and someone give me a word limit when introducing blog posts because, my goodness, I can't even remember how this was a lead-in in the first place now.

Oh, I got it. 

Blogging is hard. Coming up with posts is hard (P.S. if you have any requests for topics or questions you'd want answered in a Q&A type post, hit me up). So I may or may not steal some of my old post ideas and revamp them. And today I'm stealing my "Countdown of Sorts" from over a year ago and tweaking things a bit. Let's get to it. Feel free to grab the prompts to play along!

Five things I'll be doing over the coming weekend:
1. Celebrating my dear Daddy's 50th birthday tomorrow night with a big party!

2. Getting to spend four whole nights and three whole days with my boyfriend free from either of us working, which will be a first ever since we met a whole two months ago. Insert sarcasm on the "whole" front.

3. Meeting and hanging out with Trev's college roommate and his girlfriend who will be staying with us all weekend. I'm already in hangover preparation mode. P.S. Did you know Pedialyte and Midol are miracle workers? Sorry yellow Gatorade, your unicorn pee days are over.

4. Hopefully maybe possibly renting a limo bus and going on a wine tour.

5. And finally, not having to say "ugh" and swear every other five minutes because the Giants can't lose. Thank you BYE week.

Four of my current favorite pins from Pinterest:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Three items that I really need or would really love to purchase:
1. Socks. This is a legitimate and recurring issue in my life. I'll buy 18 pairs of socks and within a month they'll all go missing. Where on earth do they go?!

2. Frye boots. Yup, still want a pair.

3. This was also on my list a year ago but here we are again. "An iPhone case so that I can stop being an idiot by cracking my screen every other three months." Yup, that definitely happened a couple times. But this is the one I currently want.

Two things that are bothering me:
1. Staticky hair and dry hands and chapped lips and legs that get prickly two minutes after you get out of the shower from shaving them. As they say in Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming."

2. The people that say we shouldn't talk about Renee Zellweger's face. Are you for real? If someone goes and drastically changes the way they look, on purpose, then why in the hell are we not supposed to comment on it? Isn't that half the reason we do things like that in the first place? And don't even try to tell me we only get dressed up and put make up on and cut our hair for ourselves and the way we feel inside. I call bullshit.

One quote that speaks straight to my soul right now:
1. There are seriously no truer words for my life than these the past few months. When I read them I  did one of those wide open mouth jaw drop type things and went "Holy shit, yes." And I'm oh so happy and grateful and amazed and shocked and glad about it.

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