A Romantic Evening and A New Adventure

Well it's Tuesday and we're just now getting around to showing up and blogging about the weekend. There's just something about me and Monday's that doesn't quite seem to work out. The next time the doctor asks if I'm allergic to anything I'll tell him "Yes", to the spring time and to Monday's. Oh and to anyone that doesn't like puppies. But let's get back to the weekend because that's the only reason we're here today.

It started off with some Chinese food from the best Chinese food place EVER which shockingly is in my hometown. New York City had nothing on my Dragon Village's chicken and broccoli. It's just that good. The two fortunes I got out of it were pretty darn good too. A nice little preview of what was to come.

Friday night, Trev (P.S. that guy I talked about liking so much in that apple picking post has a name and it's Trevor) and I went to a little restaurant on Main Street called Hazelnut Kitchen for dinner. It's an adorably cozy place that focuses on bringing the farm straight to the table. There are tons of fresh options to choose from and the atmosphere is casual with an elegant twist. 

The food was great, the wine was too, and the little baby punk on the table obviously sealed the deal for me. After dinner we headed back home to have a deck fire with my parents before calling it a night. And that's yet another thing I love about being back here. There wasn't ever a time that I could walk outside to my deck, light up a bonfire, and hang out talking under the stars. Hometown goodness and a "romantic evening" from my fortune: check.

Saturday was spent taking a ride to Corning to pick up Trev's bib for his marathon the next day. Saturday was also spent downing a few more Pumkings with a friend at the bar later on in the day. But not too much other than that since we were both up bright and early (him way freaking early) for the marathon on Sunday. 

I had never been to a marathon before this past weekend so I didn't really know what to expect out of it. Yeah, I've been to the finish line for the NYC one and I've seen all the runners since the route went right past my old apartment, but I've never stood at the end to cheer on a specific person. But that's exactly what I did Sunday morning and I absolutely loved it. So that "new adventure" from my other fortune: check.

He ran his first marathon ever last year with very little training after a night at the casino and got a 3:53. This year he was hoping deep down to get under 3:05 in order to qualify for the Boston marathon, but didn't think he could pull it off, so his goal was a 3:35. P.S. all you marathon runners out there are freaking NUTS. How does one run for three whole hours?! 

Anyway, the clock hit the three hour mark and his parents and I were secretly all freaking out wondering if he was going to do it or not. 3:01 went by, 3:02 obviously after that. And then, at 3:03, we saw him coming down the line and my heart pretty much leaped straight out of my chest as I cheered my gosh darn lungs out knowing that he qualified. I was totally that girlfriend on the sideline screaming "Go baby!" with tears starting to form in my eyes. I was just so stinkin' proud of him for kicking ass. And it's seriously such an amazing moment being there watching someone you care about accomplish something so awesome. 

They always say, "when someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love" and now I finally get that.

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