Pinsday Wednesday

One: This dot rug from Urban Outfitters that's currently sold out because, hello, why wouldn't it be when it's that stinkin' cute? I'm still sitting around with plain white curtains that are just waiting for me to get my own DIY black splotching on because I love this print so much. Two: These roses climbing up behind the cutest little white cottage fence because they remind me of Lisa Vanderpump and I really need her to get her classy ass back on my TV, and stat. Like, what am I supposed to do with only one Real Housewives season on? Three: A stack of cat-eyed sunnies just to remind myself that I look like an absolute idiot in them in real life and am left to solely being allowed to pin them instead. Four: Umm, because would this be an "Erin's Current Faves" list if there wasn't a puppy included in the mix? Absolutely not. Five: "The best things happen unexpectedly." Yes, just yes. They most certainly do. Six: Fall means vests and I cannot wait to start wearing mine. I have a couple stocked and ready to go in my closet but I'm loving this one from JCrew right now. Seven: This is a wall in an office that I found while perusing Pinterest and I needed it, uhh, yesterday. I also needed an office. And my own apartment, but hey, let's ignore that part for the current moment shall we? Eight: I'm quite certain that I'll never put flowers in a vase ever again just because I love them displayed in anything but clear glass. It's totally acceptable to put a vase inside of a bag or something right…? Nine: Because one polka dot picture wasn't enough… here's some polka dot bedding that I currently have sitting in my virtual shopping cart.

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