It's the Happiest Season of All

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Anddd it's back, ladies and gents. Football season is officially upon us and I couldn't be any more excited about it. Just add a little black lab puppy stuffed into a Christmas stocking into the mix and we'd be set for the rest of life over here. P.S. I'd like this one below if anyone out there is reading this and has any ideas about giving me said black lab puppy stuffed into a Christmas stocking any time soon. Hashtag just sayin'.

But seriously, do you not just die?!

Anyway, let's get back to the task at hand. Football season. I posted something obnoxious last Thursday on Facebook that went a little something like this: "If the NFL kicking off today feels like Christmas, then what is Monday's Giants gameday going to feel like? My damn wedding day?

Yeah, I'm seriously so cool guys. 

But it's true, that's how I actually feel right now. I'm pretty much the definition of pumped sitting here in my seat. 7:10pm EST can't come soon enough, my friends. But before we could arrive at the beauty that will be Monday Night Football later on this evening, (P.S. do we have someone better singing the song for this instead of that no name from last year?!) we had to get through the first Sunday of the season. And oh what a Sunday it was.

The biggest difference about living in Upstate New York as opposed to down in the city for football is the differing team preferences. In the city it's pretty much split between the Giants/Jets and then every other team in the damn league since Manhattan is basically just a melting pot of everyone from all over the country. There's a bar to back every team down to the darn Texans, I swear. Sorry to any of you Houston fans out there, but y'all kinda sucked last year. It doesn't get much better up here, though, because the fans skew pretty hard towards the Bills. 

Let's take a moment to laugh for a second like that one emoji that giggles so hard it cries.

Okay, glad that's over with. 

Regardless of how crazy these fans are over a team that has pretty much blown donkey dung for the past umpteen years, they really are just as passionate as the rest of us. If not more. Bless their blue and red beating hearts. But since the Giants aren't playing until tonight, I decided to team up with these crazies and do a little Bills backing yesterday. And that backing included a trip to the bar for the game and then a Buffalo Bills Wing eating contest to follow once we got home.

I grabbed my Any'Tizer Hot and BBQ wings from Wal-Mart, popped them in the oven and the games were on. The only problem was that I pretty much sucked Dyson style at the eating really fast part of the game, so I left it to the professionals and just stuffed my face with all the goodness (and beer) instead. Plus my handy dandy Wet-Nap wipes came in for clean-up duty at the two minute warning to get rid of the sticky faces when we were all done with our competition, making our game day super simple. P.S. if you head to Wal-Mart right now you'll get 55 cents off your Wet-Nap products (while supplies last) with this coupon. Use it, don't abuse it.

And that's pretty much how my first weekend of the NFL season went down. One conquered, sixteen (and hopefully a few more) to go. Let's see if we can top them, and let's also see if we can get those Gmen to the big game again, shall we? 
But tell me, who's your team? How'd you do this week? Please be advised that this question is only open to non-NFC East fans. I don't want to hear about you Eagles fans coming back in the second half yesterday. All you Cowboys can suck a chestnut. And I don't think we even need to mention the Redskins...
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