I Watched It Begin Again

Just like the Taylor Swift song… 

Well I obviously went apple picking this weekend, as you can see by all those photos up there. And I obviously didn't go about doing it alone. You probably already knew that if you follow me on the gram of Insta's. So there's that. 

I figured I might as well go ahead and avoid that vague "I'm doing all these fun things and it's quite obvious I'm not doing them alone but I also don't really want to get into who I'm doing them with" kind of thing that I did the last time around. Because if all that was annoying for me, it must have been even more annoying for you. So here I am trying out the transparent route, and I must say that it feels rather refreshing.

Over the past couple years, this blog has gone from Scotch tape clear and open to Duct tape opaque and secretive. P.S. Why the fuck my brain go to these ridiculous comparisons that make no sense, I'll never know. Anyway, this is partly because I know more and more people from my real life are reading this thing and partly because of the hi haters that like to think they know (and judge) your entire life story even though they only know about 1/16th of a page of it. Both of those things seem to stunt both what I choose to share as well as how I choose to share it. And I'm honestly just plain sick of feeling that way. 

It's my blog. It's my life. I chose to share it openly for the world to see. So why in the heck should I not do just that? Because I'm a little nervous about what people may think? Hell no.

So here we are, after being home for less than two months, quite suddenly and even more unexpectedly, dating that tall dark and handsome, pretty damn close to my kind of perfect, so hott that I sometimes forget how to speak, sweeter than I could ever hope for, and insanely caring high school crush of a mister of a man up there in those pictures with me, going on cute fall dates, spending way too many hours together to not be considered nuts, and being the grossest PDA-infested couple around town. 

Phew, there, I said it. In the longest sentence humanly possibly. 

But I could not for the life of me be any more ecstatic, so I guess I might as well just keep this crazy love train runnin' a little longer and live it up. So let's cheers to happiness. And to guys that not only want to go apple picking with you, but actually just suggest it themselves. Oh and to gems that still think you're cute even when you look absolutely disgusted after eating rotten apples in that one picture up there. Thumbs up emoji's for days.