Hard Caramel Apple Cider Cocktails

Over this past weekend I put my Heather Dubrow fancy pants on and concocted up a pretty tasty little treat with my sister Meghan. That treat came in the form of an alcoholic beverage because, hello, do you even know me? Obviously, since there's vodka in these pictures and the title of this post says "hard", you already knew this was all about alcohol… even without having to remember my drinking day ways.

It's pretty much the easiest cocktail in the face of history. So if you want to stop reading right now and assume that all you need to do is pour some caramel vodka into some cider and call it a day, then I'd totally get it. But here are the ingredients and directions anyway. 

-2oz of caramel vodka. Side note: We originally wanted to use the Salted Caramel Vodka by Pinnacle or Stoli, but our tiny town's liquor store didn't carry anything fancy like that so we resulted in this weird Polish kind instead. And of course continued to pronounce vodka with an accent all day long. It totally wasn't the actual vodka's fault for this, might I add, we're just insane. But I would go with the other brands if you're going to try this out on your own.
-5oz of apple cider, or less if you're trying to get hammered
-Cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg for the rim
-Ice ice baby
-Apples and caramels are completely unnecessary and meant for styling purposes only, because, blogging.

For the rim: and guys, you seriously need the rim
-Pour your cinnamon, sugar, and dash of nutmeg in a bowl to mix together. I didn't measure these and you probably shouldn't either because that's just too much work, duh. Just use more cinnamon than sugar and only a tiny baby dash of nutmeg and you'll be golden. Or brownish-white. Whatever.
-Pour all of that out, smooth it around on flat surface and then set it aside
-Pour some water into a dish
-Take your glass, flip it over, and dip just the tip (heyyyoooo) into the dish to wet the rim (heyyyooo x 2)
-Stop blushing
-Then take your glass and stick it into the pile of cinnamon sugar so that the granules stick to the top of.
-Put your glass aside for safe keeping so that your dogs don't lick it while you make the cocktail. Speaking for a friend here, as always.

For the cocktail:
-Get out your cocktail shaker (or cup with lid if you aren't a cocktail connoisseur) and put a few ice cubes in there.
-Pour in the 2oz of vodka
-Pour in the 5oz of cider
-Shake that shit
-Pour it into your freshly rimmed glass
-Get drunk

And there we have it, a great cocktail for fall that doesn't contain the word pumpkin or the word spice. I'd say that's the biggest accomplishment of my darn life right there.

P.S. All those pictures up there were taken with the new iPhone. Amazing right?! I figured I'd let you all in on that little secret in case you needed a little real life review before biting the bullet and forking over hard cash for the thing. Oh and since this was my first outing with the new baby, I figured a couple selfies were necessary to get that v-card out of the way as soon as possible. Because, narcissism.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 has absolutely zero new improvements on making yourself look any less awkward in said selfies. Oy vey.

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