Confession Session

1// This if the first year I've ever been torn about wanting the fall season to get here and I'm not sure how to handle these conflicting emotions right now. Usually I'm ready for boots and scarves the day after the 4th of July rolls around, but not this year. I've pretty much had the most perfect summer ever, ever, ever, so maybe that's why I wouldn't mind dragging it out a bit more? But don't get me wrong, I'm 100% thrilled for pumpkin carving contests and trips to the cider mill. Bring it on Kirsten Dunst.

2// I'm probably more excited about fall shows coming back this month than I am for the actual season. Give me my Olivia Pope and no one gets hurt. P.S. I still need to buy her damn long-stemmed wine glasses. I'm amazed and jealous every time I see her drink out of them.

3// I haven't put any of my clothes away since I got home exactly a month ago. My room has never been messier in my entire life and I might be dying inside at this point since I'm usually Danny Tanner organized. There's pretty much just bags and bags of winter clothes in the corner of the room and then two suitcases in the middle of the floor spewing out all the summer clothes I rotate wearing. It's not cute and shit needs to get handled next week. Mark my words people.

4// I had a picnic at the park down by the lake Wednesday night and remembered why the area I live in is constantly topping lists of "Best Places to Live". So peaceful, so pretty, so relaxing, and so romantic.

5// And since we were just talking about fall in my first two points, we can't forget to also confess that I hate everything pumpkin spice. Because I think everyone needs a reminder that I still feel the same way I felt last year when I wrote this post. You know, just in case you were for some horribly awful reason not following along last year and didn't know this fun fact about me.

6// Itches make me mental. Why do I always have to be so random? Itches from bug bites. Itches that you can't reach. Itches that you have to use a chopstick to get when you have a cast on your arm. Itches that you don't want to scratch when you're snuggling with a boy because you don't want to move and wake him up. Or is that just me? Itches on your foot right after you've put on a sock and laced up your sneakers. Itches in your ears that you can only get with a Q-Tip even though you know you're not supposed to do that. Itches in your eyes from allergy season. Fuck all the itches.

7// I've re-read Tuesday's post at least ten times since I hit publish. It just makes me so damn happy. Insert the hand-over-eyes monkey and heart-eyed face emojis here.

8// I want a backpack. Like, honestly, I actually want a backpack. But not a normal back-to-school JanSport (even though I do miss the bright coral one I had in high school like I miss Dunkaroos right now). More like all the ones on that one rack by the scarves and handbag aisle in Target. Yeah those. How stinkin' cute is this?!

9// I've only eaten Chipotle once in the past month. I just died a little inside typing that out. What is WRONG with me?!

10// I've re-found my love for country music since moving back home and I can. not. stop. listening to it. I even drove past my house the other day just so I could finish my song while cruising down my back country roads. Is there anything better in life? P.S. this is the song that stole my heart and has been on repeat for the past three weeks.

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