An Oddly Lovely Giveaway

Hello, readers! My name is Cat – I’m a 25 year old social media marketer living in the East San Francisco Bay and lifestyle blogging at Oddly Lovely. When I signed up to take over Erin’s blog for the day, she told me you liked goodies, which is why I’m hooking you up with the chance to win a $50 credit to Modcloth (pretty much the coolest online fashion and home décor shop on the entire internet). Before you skip to the bottom of this post to get some entries, I’d love if you’d just hang out with me for two seconds so I can give you the elevator pitch about my blog. I’ll make it fast, promise.

Oddly Lovely is all about the little, simple joys in life. Easy-to-do recipes, thoughtfully curated outfits, beauty tips, and pet product reviews – basically I talk about whatever makes me happy, which sometimes includes less “cool” things like fantasy novels and camping (and always includes way too much about my dog).

Minor plug – Erin designed my blog, and I could not be happier! I highly recommend her services if you’re considering an updated look. (P.S. This is Erin and I totally paid her to stick this little bit in here) (P.P.S. I'm totally kidding but I just love Cat for how often she gives my little blog design business some loving!)

If you’re interested in checking out my blog, here are some posts I think you might dig:

Now on to the good stuff. Modcloth has the COOLEST clothing, accessories, and decor knick knacks. If you’re drawn towards vintage-inspired and indie styles, it’ll be everything you can do to not spend your entire paycheck here. Check out my recent blog post with some of my favorite items they have for sale, and then make sure you enter here for a chance to have a mini shopping spree.

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