She Said Yes!

If you follow me on the Insta, you probably saw an engagement go down over the weekend. Obviously this engagement not being my own, since you know, that probably won't be happening until 2030 at this rate. But, for my little broski, it happened on August 9th. Here's how it all went down.

So for starters, he's in the Army. He just finished basic training and AIT last Friday and was on his way home for the week before he heads to South Korea for an entire year. His girlfriend, Brittany, lives here in my house with my parentals. He was flying in really late last Friday night, but instead of showing up at midnight, he told Brit that he wasn't getting in until 6:00pm on Saturday. Lies are fun when they turn into surprises. 

He hid out at his friend's house Friday night while the family and I planned out Saturday morning. The "plan" (at least to Brittany) was that my parents and I, Brit, and my parents' friends were all going out to lunch to celebrate my parent's anniversary on Saturday. But we wanted to make a quick stop at Taughannock Falls first to take a picture of my rents because it was their anniversary and they had gotten engaged at that very spot. Aka the same spot my brother would actually end up proposing to his girlfriend. Cue the cuteness. 

Meanwhile, we were never actually going out to lunch. We were only using that as an excuse to have a reason to stop at the falls on the way so that we could get her to the place where Chris (my little broski) was going to surprise her and propose. So we arrive at the place where all the magic was going to happen and quickly texted Chris that we were there so that he could show up. 

As soon as I saw him in his uniform getting out of the car my legs turned into straight jello. I'm still shocked that I could even hold myself up at this point because my heart was also moving at the speed of a freight train. I have absolutely no idea how I'll manage when I'm the one actually getting proposed to. Holy Hotlanta.

We were all down at the bottom of the stairs while he was making his way down. My dad had turned Brittany away from the stairs and towards the falls so that she couldn't see him coming. Miraculously, she decided that she wanted to take a few selfies. The one below ended up having my brother right smack dab in the middle of her and my dad. 

Except for she hadn't even realized it, so my dad was like "hey pull that picture back up there, who is that between us?". And then all hell break loose. She said something along the lines of "Are you fucking kidding me?!" and everyone immediately started crying as they hugged and reunited and were so excited to finally be together again. 

Surprise #1: success. Little did she know that she was about to receive another one. Because my brother wasn't the only one making his way down the stairs. He had also brought their dog, Dutch, along for the adventure too. And while they were reuniting, we slipped a bandanna around his neck that had a diamond ring tied to it that read...

And that was her reaction to seeing it on him. Dutchy boy for the win! 

Then Chris got down on one knee, told her the story about how my parents got engaged in the same exact spot 20 something years earlier, said he asked her dad for permission, had both of her parents there for the actual proposal, used her FULL name (you go bro), and asked her to be his wife.

And they all lived happily ever after.

I couldn't be any prouder of my brother for getting his life together, fighting for our country, and now for giving me a real life sister. It truly makes me so happy to get to call him my little broski and I can't wait to start planning a wedding while he's away. I love you soldier!

After all the shaking, tears, excitement and pictures were over, we all headed back to my house to cook out and celebrate. A bunch of friends and family came over, we drank way too many beers, and then played the most epic game ever created: SLIP CUP! 

There are two teams that have to race each other in a game of flip cup. Except for you don't just all stand around the flip cup table like the basic bitches do it, instead, you have to face the slip and slide in order to get there. So two opposite team members race each other down the slide, then drink and flip their cup, and as soon as you get your cup over the next teammate goes. It's pretty much the best time I've had in quite a while so I highly suggest making your own this weekend. Here's the video:

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