Fearless I Am Not

Have you checked out Whitney's newest IWYP by Whitney Ellen tee? If you haven't you're really missing out because it's probably one of my favorites yet. I'm not really one to wear t-shirts that have anything to do with blogging, hell I still get all freaked out when I find out someone I know in real life has read my blog, so whenever Whitsticle designs one that's not related to blogging I jump on it. Or she just shoves it in my face because I was in her apartment when the order arrived and we screamed in excitement about how badass it is. Whichever works. 

"Fear less to be fearless" is this month's motto and I could sure use it because I'm afraid of quite a few things in life. So I figured I post them today, because whenever I write things down into a list I feel like it's much easier to tackle inside my actual head. So here we go, the things I'm most afraid of.

1) Getting trapped under water - we can thank me sitting on my mother's lap in the movie theater for the entire three and a half hours of Titanic bawling my eyes out for that psychotic fear.

2) Paper cuts on eyeballs

3) Paper cuts in general

4) Bugs crawling into my ear - I know a man who had a moth crawl all the way into his eardrum and then get stuck for a couple days before surgery could remove it. Now I tear up and shiver just thinking about it.

5) Receiving a phone call that someone close to me has died

6) Never finding a job that will satisfy both my dreams and my bank account

7) Being tortured

8) Being forced to watch my loved ones be tortured

9) Complete darkness when sleeping - I basically should just move into a Motel 6 at this point because they'll leave the light on for me.

10) Not being able to get pregnant

11) Never getting the opportunity to find out why the hell we're on this planet since I don't really believe that anyone really walks through the pearly white gates of heaven

12) Samara from The Ring

13) Never being loved by someone as much as I love them or vice versa. But seriously, do fairy tales even exist?

14) The world being demolished by a contagion epidemic

15) Witnessing someone jump in front of a subway train to commit suicide

16) Suicide in general - I'm not so much fearful of this one but rather just completely disturbed by it. This as well as executions.

17) My brother getting hurt while serving our country

18) Pixar suddenly going bankrupt and never releasing another movie

What are you afraid of? Let me know in my comments and then make sure you go order your own "Fear Less" shirt  here so you can have a reminder too.

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