DIY Canvas Tote

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If you know a single ounce of my personality, you'll know that I'm an organization freak. The annoying customer that stands at the register thirty seconds after she's done being rung up because she must have her dollar bills face the right way and be in the right order. Yup, that'd be me. The weirdo at the dinner table that likes to separate her meat from her mashed potatoes from her veggies, not because she's picky and doesn't want them to touch, but just because everything needs its own pile. That'd also be me. I could go on for days here…

But I'll save you the nonsense and just cut right to the chase. My Etsy shop business is just a tad bit unorganized when it comes to shipping out orders. There, I said it. Prints are strewn across the table, mailers are everywhere but up my nose, and addresses fill in the rest of the space creatin chaotic clutter. And then once I have everything sorted out, there's also the task of getting all of them to the Post Office so they can actually make their merry way to customers. 

Enter the need for a tote to help me transport things and keep organized.

But if you know another ounce of my personality, you'll know that I like creative DIY projects just about as much as I like puppies. So that's exactly what I did in creating that badass little tote you see up there. 

It started out as your regular plain old canvas tote for about four bucks at Hobby Lobby. Then I went to town taping things here and there. First to create the line at the bottom for the gold, then again into triangles for the pattern, and then around the whole thing so I could make the handles black. I used gold acrylic paint for the bottom, a black Sharpie to fill in the triangles, and then just some spray paint for the handles. Piece of cake and way better than the original!

So if you're feeling crafty and find yourself in need of a new tote, try this little project out. The possibilities are endless! Plus, if you go to Staples like I did to get your materials, you'll get any Sharpie Fine Point, Ultra Fine Point, or Neon marker pack on sale, while supplies last, until August 24th. How's that for the cheapest personalized bag you ever did see?

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