Awkward Turtle

Sometimes I try to be a fashion blogger when boutiques send me clothing to be a fashion blogger with. Every single time this happens, shit hits the fan. I don't understand how any of you do this so many times a week. I turn into THEE most awkward turtle there ever was to grace this planet and end up doing weird things with my hands. Like where do you even put them? Your hands that is. 

And how does one learn how to not smirk like a six year old? Because that's what I did in every single picture that my mother took of me yesterday. And that's why there isn't a single picture of my actual head in this blog post.

Plus the lighting - there is none. Do you plan outfit posts by your weather channel app? And the location - this is my deck after a nice downpour. Do you get in your car and scope out cool places that actually match your outfit? Good lord, I think I should just give up on this here and now. If anyone has tips for this game, I'd greatly appreciate it. Maybe next time I should just do this after twofer Tuesday instead of dead sober in the dawn of the morning? There, problem solved.

But P.S. this lace kimono cardigan thing is so fun to play with. My brother even complimented me on it! So go get yours today and use TWOTHIRDS15 for 15% off your order. Oh and be sure to enter this giveaway to win a gift card to In Bloom Boutique while you're at it..

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