The Tale of the Fluffy Furbabies

Hmm what's in this box, guys? 
Something's moving around in there and smells super funny.
I'm kind of scared to stick my nose in there, though.
Is it a present for me? Cause I really like presents.
Especially peanut butter and the leftover milk from your cereal bowl.
Can you get it out for me?
And can I eat it as soon as you do? Cause I like eating all the things, guys.

Oh, baby bun buns!
And more than one, too. Do I have to share them with the other dogs?
OMG, they're so fluffy I could die!
I could swallow them both in one whole bite, too.
Gah, that'd be so much fun.
Can I eat them guys, can I eat them?

Okay fine, I'll just sniff them.
Umm, this is pretty lame.
Definitely not as good as everything in your fridge.
And I can't even play with them without you having to hold them in your hand?
This is a really stupid present, guys.
I think you should send them back and try again.

There, back into their nest they go.
That's better.
Oh, and no Peter Cottontails were harmed in the making of this blog post.
Although the barn cat makes no promises to be as kind.
Because she's quite honestly a pretty big bitch.
Dogz rule, cats drool.

Over out and out, Princess Leia
P.S. spay and neuter your dogs and cats (and any weird humans too)

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