The Gypsy Life Countdown

10: The number of Miller Lites I've drank since arriving home. Except for we should probably multiply this number by at least two. P.S. isn't this the cutest coozie ever? It basically sums up my gypsy life of not working and traveling around everywhere this summer and I don't hate it one bit.

9: The pounds of dog hair I've removed from my clothing via a lint roller this past week and a half. Three yellow labs + one girl who wears nothing but black maxi dresses = a new breed of half woman half dog. I should probably get my own Nickelodeon show at this point. But in all honesty, I've seriously contemplated getting a non-shedding dog just for this very reason.

8: The number of hours I'll be sitting my ass on a bus to get from Washington D.C. (P.S. I'm currently in The Capitol for anyone attempting to make sense of my city hopping) to Charlotte this week. Yikes! The things you do for love (and to save a shit ton of money by not purchasing a plane ticket). Thank goodness I haven't watched a single ounce of television these past few days so that I can binge on Bachelor and Real Housewives the entire trip.

7: The amount of different places I've slept since leaving my apartment at the end of June. Let's see, in Charlotte at the boy's, the Philadelphia airport on the way home from my last trip to Charlotte (oh hey worst flying luck ever), in my bed at home, at a girlfriend's in Cortland after a night out, at a girlfriend's in Ithaca after a night out (P.S. that whole not needing a DD thing when living in NYC is one of the best things ever in life), in a camper at a festival, and now in D.C. at my friend Kristen's apartment.
I'll die a happy camper if I never have to sleep in an airport again

6: The number of Drumsticks in the box that I had to make a special trip out of the house for one random night while I was home. Except for I forgot that they were in said box in the freezer and only ever ended up eating one, so now I'm a sad panda.

5: The number of pounds I've probably gained from eating shit like this and having no concrete eating structure in my daily life since my new gypsy life began. Restaurant here, bag of Doritos on a road trip there, chips and dip at the pool on one day, a trip to the ice cream store on another. Add all of the "not so normal meal routine" to the "not a chance in hell I'm working out when there's all these other fun things to do" and we have ourselves five extra pounds. Why can't baby inner tubes made out of pudge be a trend? Screw pineapples, let's go with life size donuts around the waist.

4: The days I spent at the Grassroots Festival this past weekend soaking up so much goodness with family and friends from home. Every year thousands upon thousands of people cram into my tiny no stoplight town for this big event and every year it's a complete shitshow of drunks and hippies swaying to music. You really can't hate it. 

3: The amount of times I kicked myself each of those three festival days for not coming up with this genius "Wine2Go" idea that I used the entire time. A foldable, reusable, non-breakable, non-leaking wine bottle. It holds an entire bottle of wine and you can take it anywhere! It was perfect for me for the weekend because the festival has a "no glass allowed" rule, so I just filled this baby up, threw it in my cooler, and away we went. I even poured some vodka and juice in there and shook them up one night for an even stronger cocktail. Then I just poured it into my Grassroots mug while sitting in the park listening to music. The thing is just amazing, I tell ya. Plus the same company also makes the Flask2Go as well. See? Now you know why I'm kicking myself. 

2: The number of times I almost fell into the dark and rancid abyss of the Port-a-Potties while at this Grassroots festival. Like, it's 2014, can we come up with a better solution for public toilets?  

1: The number of times I actually thought that I could possibly move home for longer than just a summer and not want to stab myself in the head with a fork. But I think that's probably just because I'm home during the best time of the year and not when elephant-sized mounds of snow fall from the sky. Because if Ithaca was always as nice as it was the past week, I could easily plop myself down for a year or two and be quite content.

And now I'm off to continue playing in D.C. with my bestest bud on a rose before heading back down to North Carolina to get some snuggles in. Happy Tuesday to you and yours!
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