The Eye Opener

Sometimes you come across quotes, stop reading halfway through, yawn for a second, and then throw them into the dark hole that is the pile of random shit you see daily but won't think twice about ever again. And sometimes you come across quotes like the one below, stop dead in your tracks, say "holy hell", and then rethink your entire way of living.

I don't know who this Robin character is, but whoever he is, he's a god damn genius. Because if there was ever a set of words that could smack you straight out of a funk, then these would definitely be the ones. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm deathly afraid of living a life just like this, or if it's because I've been living the life of a world traveler without a real routine lately, but this spoke straight to me.

The immense fear I have of waking up one day when I'm 75 only to realize I've lived a life of monotonous routine stems from my senior year in high school when my English teacher, Mr. Clifford, assigned us a project on the book "The Chocolate War". There was a quote in the main kid's locker that read "Do I dare disturb the universe?", and we were supposed to interpret that and answer the question ourselves. 

Do I dare disturb the universe? Do I dare relinquish myself from the conformity that is "normalcy"? Do I dare break free from sleepwalking through my days and, in turn, through my life?

I remember sitting there at my desk absolutely dumbfounded by it all. I had never looked at going about life in a systematic, comfortable, easy, straight forward, "I know what I'm doing because this is how I always do it" way as a bad thing. And it's certainly not a bad thing, I suppose, if that's what truly makes you happy. But it doesn't for me. It just isn't enough. So my answer to all of those questions back when my little old self was a mere seventeen was "abso-friggin-lutely". My answer to all of those questions now is still the same, just intensified by this new found quote of Robin Sharma's. Because his statement basically is the answer to whether or not you should disturb the universe. If you don't ever step out of the boundaries, do something new, or venture down a path that isn't so comfortable, then you're most likely just doing the same thing every year, for 75 years, and calling it your life.

I refuse to do that. I will not do that. I am petrified of that. Because YOLO. Sorry I had to.

Now that I've broken free from my own "wake up everyday at 7:10, get on a bus at 7:27, start nannying at 8:00, leave at 5:00, eat dinner at 6:00, go to bed at midnight" everyday routine to basically do whatever I want for a couple months, I've realized once again how insanely amazing it is to disturb this great big universe that holds the possibilities of each of our lives. Obviously I absolutely loved my days in New York as a nanny doing that same thing over and over. And obviously it is absolutely necessary to have that stable schedule because, hello, how else are we supposed to be mature adults paying bills while responsibly making a mark on this world. But I'm also the kind of person that needs to take a time out from that. The kind of person that breaks life into chunks and counts down to the end of one routine before I can go out and shake things up a bit. Because without the shaking and the disturbing, life gets pretty damn boring, pretty damn quickly.

So let's disturb the universe a bit, shall we? 

Call it a vacation, call it trying barbacoa in your burrito bowl instead of chicken, call it picking up and moving to a brand new place, call it driving home the scenic way instead of the faster way you take every single day. Just go out and break up the conformity that you probably haven't even realized your life has become.

Today I have Heather from My Little Happily Ever After here to share a few of her favorite things with you. My personal faves of her faves are the quote and obviously the gif. Because who in their right mind wouldn't want to be Blair Waldorf?! Check her out below and then go say hi on her own Princess-themed blog!

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