Meet Your New Best Friend

Quick announcement! The newest installment of the "Blogmopolitan Quiz" has been born! 

If you've been around the block a time or two, you know the drill. But if you're new to the game, here's what you do: click the link below, download the quiz by clicking the little arrow button at the top, upload the quiz to Photoshop, PicMonkey, or Paint so that you can fill in your own answers, post it on your blog TOMORROW, and then come link up with me right back here tomorrow so that everyone can see your answers. Almost 200 different bloggers linked up last time and made lots of new friends, so don't miss out on all the fun!

Click here to download the quiz: Blogmopolitan Quiz 

And now… I have someone to share with you today.  But she really doesn't need too much of an introduction. Partly because you probably already know her (she's like the cool girl in the cafeteria that everyone wants to sit next to) and partly because you honestly don't need me to talk her up in order to like her. Who wouldn't like a chick named Karli Bell, like seriously. 

I clicked on her page one day, read her about me section, fell in creepily in love, tweeted about my creepish love, got a witty and funny tweet back from her, fell more in love, and the rest is history.

But I do have to admit that I'm a little nervous about sharing her with you because I don't want her to like you more than she likes me. But I guess that's just what growing up is all about right? That and hangovers and cellulite, but whatever. Without further adieu, I give you Karli Bell.


there was this one time when i was supposed to write up a nice little guest post for erin and i totally flaked on her. do you have a friend like that? someone who you genuinely enjoy, but for some reason they can't get their sh*t together enough to not flake on you on a semi-regular basis?

well, that's me. i'm that friend. at least i know my weakness, right? (at least one of my weaknesses, anyway.) flakiness aside, erin has given me a second chance to be her (and your) new gal-pal...and i couldn't be more thrilled. so, let's be flaky-friends, yes?

six perfect reasons we should be friends

1 | i'm married to pretty much the hottest farmer there ever was. i post pictures of him semi-regularly and i'm not opposed to you gals using him for eye-candy. i do - errr. single. day.

2 | i co-host a supper fun link-up each friday called, oh hey, friday! if you're into it, you should totally join it. last week we had nearly 200 gals link up! all you have to do is write up five things about anything your heart desires. publish your post and head over to September FARM on friday morning to get your link on.

3 | i love to write super awkward stories about myself and the situations i get into. then i question how this keeps happening to me? like that one time i was in a college. or the story of what really happened on our wedding night. (you'll want to read the wedding night post. it's a rough one.)

4 | maybe you're looking for a new pregnancy blog to follow? well...that's my life these days. i'm six months pregnant and write about how much i cry weekly. and who doesn't want to read about their new best friend crying weekly? you can see those posts here.

5 | i bet you probably like giving your new friends money, don't you? i thought so. well, i'd be happy to take your money since i'm saving my pennies for a new nursery rocker. i have my eyeball on this one.
but since i don't want to take all of your money (i'm nice like that), i'd love to offer all two-thirds hazel readers a 30% discount off all of my ad spaces. just use the code HAZEL30 and you'll be set.

6 | and lastly, because we're new friends...i want to treat you to some starbucks. seriously...get entered for a $20 starbucks gift card. i may not be able to drink loads of caffeine for the next few months...but i want you to be able to. erin - thanks a mill for being so fantastic and sharing your wonderful readers with me!

Girlll, you are oh so welcome. Plus, it's not too much of a burden when the lady I'm supposed to be sharing to the world is just so darn likable. Because seriously, just go click on her site and hop around for thirty seconds, I promise you'll want to be best friends with her right then and there. 

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