Finger Lakes Wine Country and an OOTD

So now that the Charleston recap is over, I'm officially back home in Upstate New York for the next week. After that I'll be off to Washington D.C. and Charlotte (again) but who's counting the days away? Certainly not me. Anyway, I'm home, and we all know how much I love home in the summertime because I posted all about it here by listing out things I was excited for. 

And one of those things was the wine country. The Finger Lakes (aka the central area of Upstate New York which has a lot of long skinny lakes next to each other that look like fingers) has hundreds and hundreds of wineries all along the water up here. So you'll probably be seeing quite a few posts about them making their way around the blog this summer. Obviously the first one being today since you've already seen all of the pictures up above. My Grama picked my brother's girlfriend and me up yesterday around noon and we drove the ten minutes over from where we are on Cayuga Lake to where Wagner's Vineyard is on Seneca Lake. It's about 1/3rd of the way up the east side of the lake for anyone familiar with the area and looking to try it out.

P.S. Can I just say that having wineries this close to your home is basically like God's gift to Earth? 

But anyway, we posted up at the Ginny Lee Cafe, which serves food out on the deck adjacent to the actual winery itself, for lunch. It has the most beautiful view of the lake looking out over the vineyards and the wine obviously doesn't hurt either. I go with the Rieslings every damn time and have never been disappointed. But our area is known for them after all, so I guess that's probably why. I've even ordered one of my favorites at quite a few different restaurants in New York City before. Puttin' Upstate New York on the map!

Wagner's also is the home of quite a few weddings, as well as bands that play live music on the weekends. It's definitely one of the better known and most popular wineries on Seneca Lake, so if you're ever in the Watkins Glen/Ithaca/Upstate area, I strongly suggest making a stop here.

Plus while we were there, I obviously had to get a few pictures snapped of my outfit. I mean, would I be a blogger if I didn't?

You can see more of my dress in the top picture, but I just have to say that it's my absolute favorite maxi this summer. It's $32 and from Target, duh, and I've already gotten tons of compliments on it in the one week that I've had it. Even the man was like "Erin Gray, looking absolutely BEAUTIFUL tonight!" as soon as I put it on. And that right there means it's a winner, ladies.

My necklace is from Forever 21, sunglasses from Aldo Accessories, and awesome new bag from Anne B Designs.  

Sarah Burroughs is the powerhouse behind this awesome brand that not only offers gorgeous bags, but also a platform for raising money to build a sewing school in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's a self-taught seamstress who decided there should be an easier way to learn how to sew, so she developed a program to raise money to do just that. 

You can learn more about all of that here, where you can also donate to her platform as well as get a bag of your own. They are all customizable and come in a variety of fun different patterns. I obviously chose the black and white spotted one since I'm obsessed, but there a lots of others. Also, check out her Instagram to see a bunch of other pretty ladies showing off how they've styled their own bags.

Happy Friday everyone, I'm off to go boat around the lake, drink one too many beers, and keep my tanned skin, well, tan.

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