Birthday Weeks are the Best Weeks

Well I survived Friday's meltdown. Partly because of all your kind well wishes telling me to hang in there, so thank you for that if you were one of those people. It was a pretty rough day and I'm pretty sure I cried at least 24 and a half times. But that's okay, because it was completely necessary. And I got sent home with this adorable bracelet that says "Thank you for helping me grow" engraved inside from my little guy so that I'll always have him with me. 

Heart, meet the puddle on the floor, because you are now one in the same. Especially since his mom now sends me videos of him saying "Erin come. Come right here." Insert waterfall crying eyed emoji here. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that I was headed straight to Charlotte bright and early the next morning for lots of snuggles and hugs. Because without that, I seriously would have lost my shit.

And as soon as I got to my airport terminal (without a delayed flight, of course, for the first time ever when I had all the time in the world) and sat down with my six dollar smoothie, I realized I wasn't the least bit sad about leaving New York City. I was actually the opposite in that I was beyond excited. 

I don't know what my future holds in the coming months, but with that feeling, I do know that I made the absolute right decision in taking at least a three month break from being in Manhattan. Then again, maybe it was just the idea that I no longer need to have countdowns to seeing the man again? Yeah, I'd say it's probably that.

Since I arrived around noon on Saturday, I've kind of just been hardcore R&R-ing. And that's because it's officially my birthday week, people. Aka the best week of the entire year. Having your birthday the day before America has its birthday certainly doesn't suck. This whole turning 25 thing might just a little, but without that number hanging around my conscious, it's always the greatest time of the year for me. Besides Thanksgiving Eve to Christmas Day of course. 

To kick off the celebrations, I deleted every alarm in my iPhone's app and slept in every day until my body decided it was time to rise and shine.

Which surprisingly hasn't been too late since waking up to the whole world out the windows makes you want to get up and get after it. Or maybe it's just the fact that there's all that space for the sun to shine straight into every pore in your body and force you to open yours eyes, regardless of how much you'd like to sleep the day away.

But hey, you can't complain about a view. And you can't complain about getting your ass out of bed when that means you get to make yourself a batch of guacamole. Guacamole rules everything around me.

P.S. have you ever in your life seen more perfect avocados? I swear I didn't Photoshop them or filter them or throw glitter on them or anything. Holy guacamole, they were beauts. And they were the perfect best buddy to the spread I packed up and brought to the park Sunday night for a date night picnic with the Charlotte Symphony. 

The "fold up and zip up into a little pack" checkered picnic blanket from Target had my name all over it. And the maxi dress is from Old Navy a couple years ago.

Besides sleeping in and eating and relaxing, I've also been doing all three of those while also at the pool. Which is single handily my favorite part about visiting Charlotte. Forget loving the shit out of that one guy I fly down to see. I really just use him for his pool. Because taking a two minute elevator ride down to the pool deck whenever I damn please is just not something New York City offers. 

(Because you wouldn't believe I went to the pool without an obligatory bikini crotch shot)

Add in two pool floats for the two of us to let the wind have its merry way with us while we do our R&R-ing and there's no place I'd rather be on an 85 degree sunny afternoon staring up at the sky.

Did I ever mention that I love my birthday week? Because I do. So I'll just continue living in my happy place for the next few days. And carry on with that some more when we take a little road trip down to Charleston for a long weekend of Erin's bday and America's bday celebrations. Oh happy day week!

P.S. I've already gotten a TON of great suggestions on things to do down there, but if you have any other specific recommendations for me, feel free to shoot them my way!

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