A Trip to Charleston - 25th Birthday

If you made it all the way down here, you deserve all the gold stars today. Like every single one on every single sticker sheet in every single Kindergarten classroom across America. Because that, my friends, was a hell of a lot of pictures.

P.S. Can we all stop for a second so we can dish a few high fives my way? Because not only did I remember to pack my camera, bring it out of the hotel room, and turn it on, but I also managed to snap about 100 different pictures throughout the weekend. And that right there is quite the success story for this DSLR illiterate idiot over here. Bravo, Erin, Bravo.

So anyway, back to my 25th Birthday weekend recap in Charleston. To put it short: it was abso-friggen-lutely amazing!

We (the boy and I) headed down from Charlotte for the three hour road trip Thursday afternoon. Aka my actual birthday. The bday fairies decided to grant me my wish in that they kept that little thing they called Hurricane Arthur at bay. Literally. And thank goodness because we only managed to get about two minutes worth of sprinkles for the entirety of it sneaking its way up the coast. Miracles do happen once in a while. But let's get on to the recap, shall we?

Where we stayed: 
The Belmond Charleston Place. This was apparently one of the nicest hotels in the downtown historic area from all of the recommendations and reviews I received. And everyone was definitely right because this place is basically like something out of a classic southern movie. Completely gorgeous!

Where we ate: 
Charleston Crab House - Because I wouldn't shut up about needing crab legs or I'd die ever since the moment I saw them when we drove into town. The restaurant has a great roof area with umbrellas and fans while you crack away at your legs and bask in the happiness.

Poogan's Porch - We heard we were supposed to go here for brunch, which we attempted to do on Friday not realizing they only serve brunch on the weekends. But it was still amazing anyway. I had a pulled pork sandwich which was great, but the homemade biscuits were the real winner at this place. I've contemplated hopping on a plane back to Charleston just for these damn biscuits. And I don't even like bread guys. Go visit this city and order the entire restaurant's worth of these things.

82 Queen - If you are ever in this city, you must must must go here. But make sure you ask to be seated outside on the patio because it is quite possibly the cutest and most romantic area I've ever eaten dinner. The food was your quintessential southern cuisine and the cocktails were great as well.

We also had a reservation at FIG which is supposed to be great but we were too full from chowing down on some She Crab soup and Gumbo beforehand and never made it. Another place we went to late night was Wild Wing Cafe which had an option to get three different chip dips in a sampler. So I was obviously in complete heaven since chip dips make up the majority of my diet.

What we did:
Hung out by the hotel pool. A lot. Because I'm certainly not used to the muggy hotness of the south and couldn't walk around outside during the day for longer than a couple of hours without complaining. Shocking, I know. But the pool was perfect because we had a waiter bringing us frozen cocktails all day long, so why the hell not, right?

Went to Pavillion Bar which is on the roof of the Market Pavillion hotel for the fireworks show on the 4th. Charleston puts on a great show out on a barge in the bay and the rooftop was the perfect place to get a good view. Although the bartenders really need to work on making their pineapple vodkas a bit stronger because your girl over here is quite the opposite of a lightweight.

Walked around the downtown area and went googly gaga-eyed at all the pretty houses and scenery. It's seriously like walking around a travel magazine and I need to be transported into one of them asap.

Posted up on the roof at Henry's Bar and Restaurant on both our first and last nights. This is a great place because it has an area for everyone. Chill sports bar, rooftop with hang out music, a live jazz band floor, as well as an uppity dance club. You can't really go wrong, so this was easily our favorite bar down there. Minus the 30 bug bites I got within ten minutes on the first night. Do they make allergy meds for mosquitoes?

Ate. A lot.

Drank. Even more.

And basically just had the best time for three days exploring a new city together. Now I'm already searching around for what city we can knock off the list next. Cough, Chicago, cough. But all in all, turning 25 was complete perfection and I can't wait to see what's in store for this next year of life. Although I'm not sure how much farther I can go up than the smile I had on my face when being handed roses as soon as I woke up on my birthday. 

I guess we'll just have to see, won't we!

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