Weekend Update: Charlotte Style

Welp, I'm sad about being back in New York City after my three day weekend in Charlotte, and I once again skipped out on showing up to blog on Monday. How many times have you heard me say that same damn sentence in the past six months? Too many to count on your twenty digits, that's how many. Even I'm getting sick of myself at this point. 

But guess what? 

That crack of dawn flight out of CLT yesterday morning that got me back to NYC and work on time was my last of those awful flights that make me sadder than a puppy who just realized he did something wrong. Because in two and a half weeks I won't be living here, nor will I have my job to rush back to. And that means no more waking up to a 5am alarm, leaving the snugglefest that is the mister's bed, giving twenty million forehead kisses before running out the door, and tearing up on the way to the airport because I know it'll be another umpteen days until I'll be back again. 

Insert the following emoji over and over and over.

But let's get to the actual trip. You'll be proud to know that I did take a few pictures. Okay not so much proud, more like shocked. It's just that I'm usually too busy living in the moment that I forget that I have to make a conscious effort to whip out the iPhone for documentation. Forgive me.

It all started out with YET A FREAKING NOTHER debacle at the airport. My 4:00pm flight ended up being delayed by half an hour. And then again by another three hours. At that point, I decided to actually listen to the blinking iPad that LaGuardia airport so graciously sticks in front of your face trying to con you into an eight dollar Bud Light. But what the fuck else do you do with another three hours after you've already been sitting around for two? You drink the damn eight dollar Bud Light, that's what.

Oh, and then as soon as we finally got on the plane the pilot announced that there was a ton of runway traffic and it'd be about another freaking hour before it was our turn to take off. Expletives were most definitely yelled. And that was when I started reading "The Fault In Our Stars", which, by the way, if you have not read - drop everything you're doing (besides reading this post of course) and go read it. I absolutely adored it and I never ever read books.

After I landed, we picked up some Thai food at Basil in Uptown (absolutely delish!) and hung out for the night at home because somebody had to work on Friday. Thank god that somebody was not me because my Friday was spent at his building's pool in my polka dot bikini finishing my book and acquiring tan lines within about an hour's time.

Right after I decided to head back up to the apartment, I got stuck in the elevator. On the 30th floor of a 51 story building. By myself. For forty minutes. I was being all Miss Calm Cool and Collected "I got this" until the thing started moving. And by moving I mean dropping to the 14th floor. And then back up to who knows where because the light went out. It's a good thing I had peed right before heading into that god damn elevator or the place would've become the building's newest pool. 

A Corona was needed to calm my heart down as soon as I finally got out of there. Cheers to the fourteen Charlotte firefighters for saving me. Why fourteen were needed for little old me, I'm still not sure, but one just simply isn't allowed to ask stupid questions when life hands you fourteen firefighters. Lemons maybe, but not fourteen firefighters.

The rest of the day was spent at the Charlotte Knights baseball game and then at a bar that definitely has a name and was located somewhere but I don't have an ounce of an idea where. Too many Coronas perhaps?

On Saturday we walked through a little street festival and ate THE BEST CHILI EVER at Queen City Q in Uptown before heading to VBGB. Seriously, I would hop on a plane to go eat this brisket sensation even if there wasn't a cute boy living there that I like to visit. It was oh so stinkin' good. But back to VBGB.

It's a beer garden that's half inside and half out with volleyball courts and life-size games. We drank some beer, played a couple rounds of Jenga, scared the shit out of myself every time I plopped a block on top of the leaning tower that somehow decided to stay up, and then decided to ditch the place because it was just too damn hot out to not be in a body of water.

So to the pool it was for some swimming, BBQ-ing, and more drinking and game playing. 

Sunday was a pretty chilled out day since it was raining for the majority of the time and the mister had some work to do. But as soon as the sun decided to come back out we high-tailed it to Target to buy some floats for the pool. Along with clothing wrinkle spray for me because dudes apparently don't own irons, and a G.I. Joe man (with a parachute!) for him because someone insisted on throwing it off his 49th story balcony. Men kids these days... 

We got a solid couple of hours in at the pool before it decided to get cloudy again so we decided to head to dinner at 5 Church, which is shockingly, also in Uptown. 

They have a "Sunday Supper" menu that offered a three course meal for $30 option which we both decided to do. We split black bean hummus, corn soup, steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and a chocolate melting cake that was s'mores style. Oh my dear god. Heaven. I'm pretty sure I have yet to eat a single thing in Charlotte that I haven't liked. Everything is so freaking good.

Well, besides anything in the fridge at the actual apartment, that is.

I mean, come on now. It almost looks like white chocolate covered strawberries it's that bad. What the hell is wrong with guys these days? Or is it just mine?

Anyway, we finished out the night with some OITNB binging before heading to bed, and before I knew it 5:00am had rolled around and it was time for me to come back to the city. Womp womp. But this time I didn't cry on the way to the airport. I was just too gosh darn happy inside to even have the ability to form salty alligator tears. And I, the Queen of Complaining, couldn't even complain at that point. 

Until next time, Charlotte, I love you.

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