Sliding Doors

We all have infatuations for odd things in this odd world we live in. I have quite a few that I make pretty well known around here. Chipotle, Target, puppies, beer, etc. All things you'd probably rather beat yourself over the head with a dripping wet plunger before you ever have to hear me mention them again. Sorry about that, P.S.

But another love of mine that you definitely don't know about lies in the hinges of doors. I never said I was completely sane, guys, so bare with me. In all seriousness, though, I'm always drawn to pins on Pinterest of front doors/entryways and I've stopped myself on quite a few occasions while walking through the streets of this city just to pause for a second to take pictures of those that I like (hence the reason for the above picture I took the other day). The architectural details around them as well as the unique colors people decide to paint them just seem to always catch my eye. Or maybe it's just because I don't have a real front door of my own and I really want one to carry groceries through and put pumpkins by in the fall and Christmas lights around in December. Yeah, it's definitely that.

Except for the only thing you're probably thinking right now is "Why in the actual hell is Erin talking to me about a stupid door?"

The truth: I really honestly just like that damn picture of the door and wanted it on my blog somewhere. But then as soon as I uploaded it, my mind jumped from photography to movies and landed itself somewhere in the midst of that Sliding Doors movie. Back when Gwyneth wasn't headlining TMZ for opening her trap every other day.

Anyway, the concept of that movie terrifies me to no end. That concept that one single moment in time like missing or making a train could completely change the outcome of your life. Do you know how many times I miss trains or buses living in New York?!?! About three times a week. And what about the bigger happenings that you actually do have control over? Like the college you chose to go to. Had I not gone to Oneonta, everything about my life would be completely different. I might've not chosen the same major. In which case I probably wouldn't have ever moved to Manhattan. And had I not done that, then I wouldn't have gotten that one job here that was so boring I started a blog to pass the time with. And then I wouldn't even be sitting here writing about the possibility of me not sitting here writing about this.

Mind. Blown.

And then I start thinking about my future life choices and the two (or infinite) possible outcomes that could arise from them. So then my head just spins around faster than the Skip It I had in 5th grade because that's just too much chaos to lay on myself. 

Does anyone else ever think about how insane it is that your life could so easily be something completely different than it is right now just because of a few simple decisions?

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