Random Snapshots

Some days you just need to let the pictures do the talking. And Mondays are usually always those "some days" because Mondays rather blow. Although this one isn't too bad because it just means I'm one day closer to Thursday which means I'm one day closer to hopping my butt back on a flight down to Charlotte. Hallelujah 1.21 gigawatt sized times over because that just means I get to have all the happies oh so soon. And now I'm just that annoying emoji infesting her heart eyes everywhere. Whoops.

But instead of rambling on about my weekend of going out and drinking, heading to the Yankees game and drinking, and meeting up for brunch and, you guessed it, drinking - I'll just bombard you with some Instagrams as of late.

Because even though I just complained like the asshole that I am about the peonies, I'm still over here snapping pictures of them. But you really just can't hate the damn things when they make the streets of Manhattan look prettier than Eric Decker. Except for they still have nothing on the Christmas trees that take over these same streets in December. 

Chromecast. Have I talked about this little gem yet? Yes, I think I have but oh well, it deserves it because I think this sucker needs his own damn post at this point. It's just that genius. Plug one end into the USB in your TV, the other into your outlet, connect to your wifi, go to Netflix on your phone or computer, BOOM you now have your show right on your television. Amazing. 

But what wasn't so amazing was the Blackfish documentary I watched on the Chromecast. I put off watching it for as long as I possibly could because I just didn't want to believe all of the sadness that goes on at Sea World, but alas, I was heartbroken. And now I may never be able to go to one of my favorite places again. 

Thank goodness for Chipotle afterwards to cheer me right on up, per usual.

Oh and speaking of food and being the most random person in the Blogosphere today - have you ever had Talenti gelato Mediterranean Mint?! 

It's baby laughter and puppy paws sprinkled with rain straight from the clouds of heaven all mixed together on a spoon. I've heard the Sea Salt Caramel version is even better, but I can't quite fathom that and I don't dare try to find out if it's true in fear that I'll end up living in my freezer stuffing my face forever. Not so much of a good look.

Coffee table visions above. Adventures at my "office" below.

Whenever the gorgeous weather comes back around I remember why I ditched my corporate office desk for a job as a nanny. There's really nothing better than getting to "work" outside at the park instead of feeling like a caged animal that only gets to feel the sunshine on a twenty minute lunch break. And by "work" I mean pop water balloons, draw 1,000 and 1 airplanes, play the high five game, and stop to check out every "moto-CY-gul" (motorcycle) parked along the streets during our strolls. #boys

The punchiest pop of pink to brighten up a weekend outfit above and a trip to Sunday brunch below.

And now I'm off to go continue on with this Monday. Which wouldn't be so bad even if I wasn't super excited for my much needed upcoming Charlotte trip since I'll most likely be making it another Chipotle day this evening and Bachelorette is on for the second time this week. Get at me Josh the baseball player. Over and out.

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