Oh the Places You'll Go

I'm not really good at bucket lists. I've never really made one, nor have I ever felt the desire to. I can't for the life of me get myself to write down 101 things in 1001 days or even 30 things before I hit the age of 30. It just seems so daunting. Plus, I'm a real stickler when it comes to lists and plans, so if I were to ever write all the things I wanted to do down, I'd probably end up going nuts to get them all done and then it'd just backfire on the scale of excitement. Which is obviously the opposite of what bucket lists are supposed to accomplish. I think. I'll just continue living like I'm dying and riding a bull named Fu Man Chu with Tim McGraw.

So instead of an entire life's bucket list, I figured I might as well just limit this thing to travel so as not to completely overwhelm myself, plus I'll first do a backwards list of all the places I've already been to so that it's still somewhat fun. Because talking about all the places you want to see but haven't yet is pretty damn depressing. Wanderlust is a real problem in this little life of mine. But let's do this thing anyway.

The Places I've Been:
London - and desperately need to go back
Italy - Kim and Kanye couldn't even ruin it. Plus, give me all the gelato
Mexico - only ever on cruise boats
Canada - home of HGTV apparently
Hawaii - longest. flight. ever.
Ft. Lauderdale
St. Lucia - one of my most favorite of the Caribbean islands
Cape Cod - pretty sure I was once I cottage/nautical town goer in a past life because I adored it
Charlotte - we all know that my heart beats for this city by now… P.S. see ya tomorrow!
San Juan
Atlantic City - gambling gives me hives
Toronto - how do they keep it so clean?
Assateague Island, MD - where all the wild horses are, very cool
Philadelphia - blah
Niagra Falls
St. Thomas - bring me back to Magen's Bay, please oh please
Washington D.C. 
New York City - duh
Jamaica - Go to Dun's River Falls if you're ever there
Baltimore - blah
Gettysburg - Dad like's war stuff
Disney World - Oh hey minions and fluffy unicorns and Whit
Adirondacks - bug bites and peeing in the woods
Ocean City, Maryland
Cedar Point - the best roller coaster place of all time hands down!

Okay so this is getting somewhat annoying and I should probably put a stop to it here, but it is a list for me after all so, oh well. To sum it all up, I've been to four countries, and I need to get my butt headed somewhere other than the east coast since that's the only place I've been in the U.S. Seriously though, I've never been farther west than, umm, Ohio. Yikes, Erin! That's exactly why you'll find a bunch of American cities on my list of places to one day see.

Oh the Places You'll (hopefully) Go:
San Francisco
The Maldives
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
The Netherlands
Tel Aviv
Bora Bora
Outer Banks, NC

Oh man, see? And now I'm depressed. Just like I said. Can someone send a pilot my way so I can work out some sort of deal? At this point I'd be willing to do just about anything for some free flights. My next gig after nannying might just have to be a flight attendant.

But tell me: what's your favorite place you've ever been? And where, if you could pick anywhere on Earth, would you want to go next? 

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