My Little Secret

So I've had quite a few readers and even real life friends ask me why I haven't spilled the beans on the "boy" situation yet. What are you waiting for? / When are you going to finally share the story with us? / So you introduced there being a guy, but when are you going to introduce THEE guy? etc. All are things that have been asked of me lately. 

And quite frankly, the answer is I have no idea. When or how; honestly no clue. Maybe next time I'm in Charlotte. Maybe in a few months. Who knows.

It's kind of crazy how interested we are in the love lives of complete strangers, isn't it? Count me right on in with that crazy bunch, too, because I love a good "So Here It Is: I Have a Boyfriend" post just as much as any other blogger out there. It's human nature to be nosey and want to know all the juicy stuff that we attempt to hold out on posting, but it seems to be even worse whenever we start throwing the "L" word and dating stories around in here. 

And that's fine, I totally get it. But there's a big piece of me that just isn't ready to pour that part of my life into these pages yet. Because if it's not splattered across a blog post then there really isn't anything to stick a nose into in the first place. And I tend to enjoy keeping my love life nose-free. Less boogers.

Until I do all of that splattering, though, this huge "boy" section of the pie chart that is my life will still just be mine. Call it Apple, call it Pecan, you can even plop on some Cool-Whip if you want, but I'm the only one that gets to know what this freaking amazing section of my life's pie chart is like. 

The one that consumes so many of my thoughts that I wonder how I function attending to anything else at all. The one I go to bed every night thinking about and wake up thinking about come every next morning. The one that stole my heart, mashed it, put it back together again, and now holds it so effortlessly in the palm of its hand. The one that is my most favorite place to be in the whole wide world. And the one that has been making me feel like a bird could shit on my head every hour of every day and I'd still be walking around like a teddy bear stuffed full of pink puffy hearts.

And sure, I'd absolutely love to shout all of that from the top of the Empire State Building, quite literally actually since it's about five minutes away, but I kind of like the idea of keeping it to myself. I've already "been there done that" with the "I have a real live boyfriend" blog post before and we all know how that turned out… in an "I broke up with my real live boyfriend" roller coaster of blog post four months later. Real cute Erin.

So for now, even though I've probably never been happier, I kind of like that it's just my own little love story. Our love story. And my little secret.

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