I'll Take You to the Candy Shop: A Trip to Dylan's Candy Bar

I wouldn't be completely hurt if you hit that little 'X' button at the top of this screen in order to run to the nearest candy aisle right now. I'm having a hard time even writing this post without wanting to go grab the bag of baking sugar out of my kitchen cabinet and dump it straight into my mouth. 

But in all seriousness, Dylan's Candy Bar here in Manhattan is like something straight out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Minus the creepy man doing somersaults out the front door and the short little orange men waddling around while singing, that is. I've walked by the colorful corner of 60th and 3rd many a times since moving here, but for some reason I've just never actually walked inside. Why, I'm not sure, since sugar is basically my middle name. And that's not because I have an oh so sweet personality but more so because I really just enjoy stuffing my face with candy.

The bottom of my food pyramid = gummy things, and peach rings = my kind of crack.

And Dylan's definitely doesn't disappoint on any front when it comes to crack in the form of sugar. I mean, there are two entire freaking floors stocked to the brim and the stairs combining the two are actually made of candy. You seriously walk on steps filled with gummy bears and lollipops. Umm amazing. All I could think of while walking down them was of Lamar Odom on his hands and knees licking them for hours on end trying to get to the candy. Except for he'd actually be on the real crack, right? The kind that kills, not the kind that's shaped into a lolli and put on a little white stick.

Sorry 'bout your life Lam Lam.

But anyway, the magic doesn't stop at the staircase. There's a chocolate fountain dipping station. A popcorn stand. An M&M dispensing machine. A huge area to get a ton of different kinds of fudge. There are pillows and notebooks and clothing and accessories. There's a bulk candy section that rivals even that of the Wegman's bulk candy section. And that's saying a lot because I bow down to the one in Wegman's and feel bad for anyone who hasn't ever experienced the heaven that it is. Basically, Dylan's pretty much just has everything your sweet tooth could ever want.

So if you ever find your way to the Upper East Side of Manahattan, go to Dylan's Candy Bar. You won't regret it. Oh and if you haven't gotten enough sugar by the end of your candy tour, take a walk a few steps down 60th Street to go get a Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3, because it's basically right next door and just as amazing.

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